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Canadian Income Trusts

Canadian income stocks have a consistent track record of producing high yields with safety and reliability. While US investors have become accustomed to 1-3% yields, most proactive income investors will tell you that Canada is a premier destination to spot reliable dividends yielding 6-12% or more.

Canada has benefited from a stable banking system, wealth of natural resources, and growing consumer market, creating a multidimensional bull market for informed investors at home and abroad. To uncover opportunities for investing in Canadian income stocks, check out the Investing Daily archive below. Here you will find the latest news and trends affecting Canadian investments, as well as our top picks in Canadian income stocks to consider for your portfolio, including high-yield REITs, oil & gas companies, and former energy and income royalty trusts after the 2011 conversion.

Crude Delivers Another Shock

In a surprise move, the Bank of Canada cut its benchmark overnight rate in response to crude oil’s collapse.

Target Abandons Its Canadian Blunder

But Canada’s economy wasn’t the culprit.

Canada’s Exports Tumble Along with Crude Prices

In the near term, the country’s export activity will take a hit from crude’s collapse until other sectors pick up the slack.

Australian Energy Giant Makes Bid for Canadian LNG

Well-capitalized Woodside Petroleum is taking advantage of crude’s bear market by buying attractive assets on the cheap.

The Canadian Economy Delivers an Upside Surprise

Despite the collapse in crude oil prices, Canada's economy is now on track to deliver stronger-than-expected growth during the fourth quarter.

The Energy Sector Goes into Survival Mode

The good news is that Canadian firms have far stronger balance sheets than their U.S. peers, and that should help them better endure crude’s downturn.

Triage for Dividend Casualties

With crude oil still searching for a floor, we look at the breakeven thresholds for some of our favorite Canadian oil and gas producers.

Oil Prices Still Searching for a Floor

It’s been yet another brutal week for U.S. investors in Canadian energy stocks.

British Columbia Finally Blinks

The province has approved the LNG project that’s considered Canada’s frontrunner in the race for first export.

The Demographic Destiny for Canada’s High-Flying Housing Market

The debate over Canada's housing bubble continues.

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