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Canadian Income Trusts

Canadian income stocks have a consistent track record of producing high yields with safety and reliability. While US investors have become accustomed to 1-3% yields, most proactive income investors will tell you that Canada is a premier destination to spot reliable dividends yielding 6-12% or more.

Canada has benefited from a stable banking system, wealth of natural resources, and growing consumer market, creating a multidimensional bull market for informed investors at home and abroad. To uncover opportunities for investing in Canadian income stocks, check out the Investing Daily archive below. Here you will find the latest news and trends affecting Canadian investments, as well as our top picks in Canadian income stocks to consider for your portfolio, including high-yield REITs, oil & gas companies, and former energy and income royalty trusts after the 2011 conversion.

Canada’s Disinflation Woes Are Over

Canada’s consumer price index (CPI) has risen for the third consecutive month, a timely rebuttal to recent worries about the country’s persistent disinflation.

The Emergence of Canadian Manufacturers

The country’s beleaguered manufacturing sector is finally showing signs of life again.

Canada’s Bullish Business Sentiment

The country’s largest firms are increasingly optimistic about the year ahead, which suggests the economic rebound will continue apace.

Which Canadian Manufacturers Are Poised to Outperform?

The beleaguered sector has emerged from the downturn leaner and meaner, but some industries have adapted better than others.

Canada’s Inflation Finally Heats Up

The country’s economy shows more evidence that its rebound is strengthening.

The Bank of Canada Remains Dovish

In his first speech of the year, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz signaled the central bank’s continuing dovishness toward future rate hikes.

Canada Fosters Free Trade

The country signed a significant free-trade deal with South Korea, its first in the Asia-Pacific region, and perhaps a prelude to further diversification into other fast-growing export markets.

Canadian REITs Poised to Rally

A tough 2013 has left many REITs trading below net asset values, which won’t go unnoticed for long.

Canada’s Economy Outpaces the US

With full-year results finally in for both countries, Canada’s economy actually grew slightly faster than ours, even if the US economy has greater near-term momentum.

What’s Behind the Wedge?

The usually beneficial effects of a resurgent US economy and a lower exchange rate may not be as pronounced for Canadian exporters this time around.

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