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Coal Stocks

Coal stocks and coal investments have always been popular investment choices because of coal’s abundance and excellent thermal properties. However, concerns about global warming and coal’s negative effects on the environment have raised many questions about the long-term potential of investing in coal stocks. Today, coal stocks are in a transitional era: on one hand, energy companies are being pressured to find alternative energy sources to what is labeled a dirty energy source, on the other hand, new technologies and discoveries are proving that burning coal remains one of the most practical ways to fuel our increasing energy demands.

To invest profitably in coal stocks, investors need to be aware of the major trends affecting the coal industry. See our coal stocks archive below where you’ll uncover a host of ideas on the most important trends impacting coal investors and the best strategies for profiting from these trends.

Be sure to also check out our free report, Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, for our authoritative guide on investing in the most prolific trend in energy of the last 50 years.

Down and Dirty With Fossil Fuels

The world’s favorite energy sources have important drawbacks as well, notably in terms of pollution and global warming.

The Two Faces of Coal

The long and deep decline in Western consumption has been rendered nearly irrelevant by the meteoric rise of Asian demand.

New EPA Rules Bury Coal

A plan requiring drastic cuts in carbon dioxide emissions would phase out coal power in the US over the next 16 years.

ExxonMobil Refuses to Panic on Climate

The oil giant has rejected an activist push to devalue its reserves, and rightly so given coal’s dominant role in global warming.

A Royal Pain for King Coal

Pending coal plant closures to comply with new EPA rules will only increase the demand for natural gas.

King Coal Isn’t Dead Yet

The weakest energy commodity will benefit from costlier natural gas. Know the MLPs in line to profit.

Grading My 2013 Predictions

I got the natural gas price and crude differentials right, but didn’t reckon on endless delay for the Keystone XL.    

Why Coal Is Still King

Unloved in the US, the dinosaur of fossil fuels continues to power growth in China and India.

The Dirty Truth About Coal

China’s addiction to the highly polluting fuel is trumping the advanced economies’ push into natural gas and renewables, for now.

Boy Billionaire Spurs Aussie Coal Consolidation

The Australian coal industry faces numerous headwinds, but one of the country’s youngest billionaires sees opportunity in the sector from which he made his fortune. Amid such industry consolidation, we consider what opportunities remain for the individual investor.

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