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Commodities Stocks

Ah commodities stocks, the wild wild west of the investment world. They come in many different shapes, colors, textures and tastes, but its how their prices move that leaves us fascinated. To stomach the volatility associated with investing in commodities stocks needs to be gritty, tough-skinned and cunning.

Market preferences for commodities are constantly changing, with innovations and market conditions propelling demand for some commodities while dragging it down for others. Because so many factors affect commodity prices, correctly predicting their direction is no easy feat.

Yet, commodities stocks continue to attract investors who want the confidence of investing in a tangible asset. The key to investing profitably is being able to separate the real growth factors from the hype.

Our commodities stocks archive below uncovers some of the most important trends affecting your commodity holdings. For actionable ideas on our favorite commodities, check out our updated report, The Top Commodities Investments To Own Now.

Tap Into Nuclear Growth With This Uranium ETF

Demand for nuclear power will increase in the long run, mainly in emerging markets. This uranium ETF offers an easy way to invest.

Agriculture Stocks: Monsanto Leads the Field

The agriculture stock’s focus on cutting-edge technology bodes well for its future.

4 Keys to Picking the Best Gold Mining Stocks

Gold mining stocks can offer an inflation hedge and gains potential. Here are four ways we unearth producers that are poised to shine.

The Sweet Smell of Decay

Fertilizer MLPs have stunk it up in recent months, but with yields this rich opportunity beckons.

This Gold ETF Lets You Tap Into the Yellow Metal the Easy Way

Low fees, direct tie to the metal’s price make this gold ETF a simple solution for individual investors.

4 Bakken Stocks at the Leading Edge of the Shale Oil Revolution

Bakken stocks have surged as the fast-growing region leads the U.S. closer to energy independence. Here’s a look at what may lie ahead.

Why a Platinum ETF May Be Right for You

The metal has a growing number of uses, and its relative scarcity should support prices. This platinum ETF offers an easy way to buy in.

A Potash Stock That’s Set to Gain as Food Demand Rises

The developing world is getting richer—and hungrier for more and better food. That’s a big plus for the world’s largest potash producer.

Weyerhaeuser: Built on a Strong Foundation

Weyerhaeuser (NYSE: WY), the biggest lumber producer in the U.S. by market cap, made headlines on three fronts last weekend: The company appointed Doyle Simons as its new president and CEO. The 49-year-old was the chief executive of Temple-Inland, a maker of packaging and building materials, from 2008 until the company was taken over by […]

Follow The Yellow Metal Road

We examine gold’s likely direction and the best ways to profit from its gyrations.

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