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Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the time-tested strategy to building wealth in the stock market through passive income streams. From Warren Buffet to John Paulson, many of the top stock market billionaires live comfortably on the passive income streams generated through dividend investing. Check out the dividend investing archive below to uncover high-yielding dividend stock ideas, dividend trends, and tax-saving tips. For more invaluable insight all dividend investors should consider, check out our free reports: 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks and The Income Investors Blacklist.

The Holy Grail of Preferred ETFs?

Our search continues.

Rising Odds of a Trump Recession 

Attention investors rooting for the Dow Jones to top 20,000:  Economists have started to put nearly 50-50 odds on a recession in the next four years. Sorry for the lump of coal in your stocking.The Bankrate Economic Indicator, a quarterly survey of economists,  put the probability of a recession over the next four years at […]

The Flock of Turkeys in the Trump Economy

The stock market seems to be predicting a Trump economic growth miracle, but don’t rush into growth stocks.Lots can go wrong.Not to put a damper on our record market highs this week, and we all are probably sick of turkey right now, but let’s consider all the turkeys that can crash this optimism-fueled market party.Particularly […]

Can AT&T Carry the Weight?

The telecom giant must lower its debt burden to maintain its dividend.

The Incredible Shrinking Market

Cheap money has driven a wave of consolidation among dividend payers.

The Old World Bank That Pays a Fat Dividend

As the steward of the Personal Finance Income portfolio, I’ve been reconsidering what financial companies and banks deserve to be called income investments, especially given the revelations of fraud and scandal at Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank.And the more I look, the more I like firms that have been pursuing more traditional banking businesses: those that […]

The Fed Deserves an Oscar

Bravo, Fed.It was a clever bit of acting this week by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and her troupe of governors that would convince us a return to normal, higher rates is almost at hand.But by now income investors should recognize that backstage the Fed is clinging to low rates as the U.S. economy is still too […]

Bonds, Bubbles and Miami Vice

How to protect yourself from a bond market collapse.

A Tale of Two Apples

It was the best of Apples, it was the worst of Apples—depending on what type of investor you are. At the same time a high-profile hedge fund manager was reducing his position in Apple during the second quarter of this year, legendary investor Warren Buffett was increasing his stake by 55%. That brings the amount of […]

Surprise, Surprise!

Upside earnings surprises could indicate future outperformance.

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