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Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the time-tested strategy to building wealth in the stock market through passive income streams. From Warren Buffet to John Paulson, many of the top stock market billionaires live comfortably on the passive income streams generated through dividend investing. Check out the dividend investing archive below to uncover high-yielding dividend stock ideas, dividend trends, and tax-saving tips. For more invaluable insight all dividend investors should consider, check out our free reports: 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks and The Income Investors Blacklist.

Not Immune to Profits

You don’t have to take on much risk to profit from cutting-edge medicine

For Global Dividend Funds: Do the DEW and Henderson Global

We know that even hardcore, self-directed investors sometimes use mutual funds for a portion of their portfolios, so we suggest some top funds that follow our Global Income Edge  theme for high-dividend-paying stocks. That theme is that investors can generate higher dividends with relative safety by investing in firms that tap both developed and developing […]

The Bear in the Room

DIVIDEND SPOTLIGHT New Stock Added to the Global Income Edge Aggressive PortfolioBy Robert FrickManaging EditorGlobal Income Edge 5.68% Yield – China – Industrials This China-based company is the owner of independently-chartered container ships. We are drawn to this stock because of its predictability. Their entire business is based around the long-term, fixed-rate time charters of 79 massive container ships. It’s […]

You Want Answers?

To get them--at least as far as utilities and dividend-paying Canadian and Australian stocks are concerned--you have to ask questions at our monthly online chat session.

Go Global, But Don’t Go Crazy

DIVIDEND SPOTLIGHTNew Best Buy Pick in TelecommunicationsBy Richard StavrosAt 7.48%, this U.K.-based communications company is the new Best Buy in my conservative portfolio (which is made up of 10 safety-rated stocks).With a solid base of over 100 million customers in Europe, they’re well positioned to safely expand globally. They’re conquering new markets by onboarding millions […]

Kinder Consequences a Question of Timing

The proposed consolidation of the Kinder complex of midstream energy companies has unlocked market value and will create a North American giant well positioned to benefit from the ongoing continental oil and gas boom. But there are significant consequences.

How to Play the World’s Economies

We had just such uncertain situations in mind when we developed portfolios for Global Income Edge.  

Invest for Success: Have a Plan and Be Patient

Acting within complex systems such as global financial markets requires a plan and it requires patience. Building and preserving your wealth depends on these key factors.

A Decade Portfolio

This group of 10 dividend-paying stocks would make a solid foundation for long-term-focused investors of all risk tolerances.

The REIT Stuff

It’s been a tough year for Canadian real estate investment trusts. But financial and operating metrics are generally solid. Distributions are well-protected, and yields are relatively high.

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