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Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the time-tested strategy to building wealth in the stock market through passive income streams. From Warren Buffet to John Paulson, many of the top stock market billionaires live comfortably on the passive income streams generated through dividend investing. Check out the dividend investing archive below to uncover high-yielding dividend stock ideas, dividend trends, and tax-saving tips. For more invaluable insight all dividend investors should consider, check out our free reports: 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks and The Income Investors Blacklist.

Dividend Investing in a Volatile World

Dividend investing, in Australia or any other jurisdiction is about buying and holding high-quality businesses, regardless of the various dramas yo-yoing the less disciplined.

Dividend-Paying Stocks No Longer Follow Interest Rates

Dividend-paying stocks haven’t tracked movements in benchmarks such as the 10-year US Treasury yield for about three years. Here’s what that means for income investors.

Globalization, Australia and Dividend Investing

Globalization, among other things, also means we have more opportunities than ever to invest in dividend-paying stocks backed by high-quality businesses.

Steve Jobs, Apple and the Connectivity Explosion

Steve Jobs was at the epicenter of one of the most transformative changes in human history. People will continue to demand connectivity across the globe in coming decades, which makes for profitable opportunities for telecom investors.

Play It Again, Cineplex

Movies have earned a reputation as a recession-proof business. This Toronto-based wealth builder runs the biggest theater business in Canada.

Holding Pattern, For Now

There were zero dividend cuts last month. But that’s likely to change.

Hunting Big Yields When Risks Are High

Thirty-two companies in the Utility Forecaster coverage universe are paying more than 8 percent. Identifying solid companies temporarily undervalued is a great way to build wealth over the long term. Here's how to separate potential winners from falling knives.

High-Quality Income Investors: Don’t Panic Like It’s 2008

If you buy and hold solid businesses with the balance sheets and businesses operations capable of withstanding fluctuating macro conditions, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

Dividends Down Under

With the US and other developed economies mired in slow growth, Australia’s resilience makes its stock market a haven for income seekers.

Down Under Digest: Australia Has What China Needs

China's demand for Australia's stuff is only increasing. In another Special Edition of MLM, we take a look at how Australia is accommodating those needs, as well as those of other Asian nations.

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