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Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the time-tested strategy to building wealth in the stock market through passive income streams. From Warren Buffet to John Paulson, many of the top stock market billionaires live comfortably on the passive income streams generated through dividend investing. Check out the dividend investing archive below to uncover high-yielding dividend stock ideas, dividend trends, and tax-saving tips. For more invaluable insight all dividend investors should consider, check out our free reports: 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks and The Income Investors Blacklist.

Great Profit Opportunity from Beaten Down Stock

Whipsaw: Selling a stock during a downturn, only to watch it pop back up shortly after when fears are quieted. That’s pretty much what happened to those who unloaded Consolidated Water.

Breaking News

Northrop Grumman is calling Northrop Grumman 7 Percent Preferred B. Alternatively, holders can convert tax free into 1.822267 shares of Northrop common but must take action before April 3, 2008.

Preferred Protection

Preferred stocks pay fatter yields than bonds or common stocks. They pay quarterly, and all six Income Portfolio preferreds are cumulative. If the issuer were ever to suspend payment, it would have to make it up in full.

Article Update

Almost two years ago, we went looking for heavy-yielding defensive stocks and turned up six in some unusual corners of the market. Ranging from consumer good maker to gun manufacturers, they offered healthy cash flows and high dividend yields by operating in markets that aren’t likely to suffer in economic downturns.


The markets have taken investors on a frenetic rollercoaster ride this week as weak economic news and some disappointing earnings worked them over. All three indexes posted losses for the week.

Commodities: Why Bigger Is Better

It’s not the one you see; it’s the one you don’t see. That bit of country wisdom applies to markets as well as safe techniques for passing cars on lonely two-lane highways.

Controlling Exposure

Guilty until proven innocent: That’s the way the markets view recession risk for income investments.

Breaking News

Comcast Corp reported blockbuster earnings that should lay all fears to rest about its financial health.

Article Update

Real estate investments continue to languish with no clear end in sight for the trouble afflicting the US housing market. But that just means we can pick up prime properties on the cheap.

Pruning a Dividend Makes a Stock Blossom

Even in the best markets, dividend cuts are poison for income investors. Not only is your regular cash flow cut, but your principal typically takes a haircut as well.

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