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Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are growing with more momentum than ever before. Developments in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa are attracting more and more capital from spirited investors seeking opportunities across new frontiers.

If you’re interested in staying abreast of relevant global events, and how they impact the world’s hottest stock markets, check out the emerging markets archive below. You’ll quickly uncover how emerging markets are reshaping the world, and which companies are poised to take advantage of the biggest trends to hit the global economy. For more on our top emerging markets picks check out our free report, The Best Asian Stocks to Buy Now.

The Secret to Solid Emerging Market Holdings

Wise investors will search for countries with current account surpluses.

The Problem With a Strong Dollar

The need to diversity globally has never been greater

Infrastructure: The Future of Investing for Income

A huge, pent-up demand to build infrastructure is the single greatest opportunity ahead  

Geopolitics Is a Zero-Sum Game

Keep your nerves in check and look for the winners in any given situation.

Investors Hope for a New Brazil President

The markets see a better future for the country should challenger Aecio Neves take the election.

Don’t Buy Into the Bond Mania

That yield won’t be quite so sweet if and when the defaults occur

Mexico: The World’s New China

In addition to lower labor costs and taxes, Mexico is winning a bigger slice of the automotive pie thanks to its relatively well-educated labor force.

Trains Soften the Real Estate Blow

Despite the important role China plays in the world economy, trying to read the Chinese economic tea leaves is a tricky proposition.

Always Consider the Sovereign When Investing in Foreign Countries

Argentina is now basically stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Despite Politics, Thailand and Poland are Good Buys

Foreign investment hasn’t slowed and life in Thailand is carrying on largely as usual.

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