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Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are growing with more momentum than ever before. Developments in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa are attracting more and more capital from spirited investors seeking opportunities across new frontiers.

If you’re interested in staying abreast of relevant global events, and how they impact the world’s hottest stock markets, check out the emerging markets archive below. You’ll quickly uncover how emerging markets are reshaping the world, and which companies are poised to take advantage of the biggest trends to hit the global economy. For more on our top emerging markets picks check out our free report, The Best Asian Stocks to Buy Now.

The China Bogeyman

The country has spooked markets but not for the reasons you think.

Cashing In On the TPP

While the Trans Pacific Partnership isn’t going to radically change the world, it opens up a number of opportunities.

China’s Big Hidden Problems

But its government is coping better than you think.

Foreign Bonds Still No Bargain

Today’s rate decision doesn’t make international bonds more attractive.

Rethinking Mexican Stocks

Look past drug cartels to low inflation and thriving businesses.

The Fed-Asia Connection

We won’t get much peace until our central bank makes a move.

Thrilla in Manila Redux

Philippines stocks rocket up, China be damned.

Mutual Funds for Pacific Wealth Investors

Many investors want to get exposure to Pacific Basin economies and markets through mutual funds, believing the difficulties of investing directly in Pacific stocks makes mutual funds a better way to go. So we’ve selected a few indexed and non-indexed funds, taking account of geographical spread, costs and the manager’s track record.There is one major […]

Yuan and Done

China’s recent move to devalue the yuan will benefit the nation’s exporters and our portfolio.

The TPP’s True Value

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations hit a snag, but the deal matters enough to get done.

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