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Benjamin Shepherd

Benjamin Shepherd is a recognized exchange-traded fund (ETF), mutual fund and stock expert with an extensive background analyzing time-tested funds, including their managers and strategies. Ben looks for investments that have proven themselves in both bull and bear markets. Ben also specializes in covering emerging markets, pinpointing the most dynamic investments in developing nations for market-beating growth.

Ben is an analyst for Global Income Edge and regularly contributes to Personal Finance, Investing Daily’s flagship product. 

Analyst Articles

Don’t Get Burned By Bonds

by Benjamin Shepherd on December 1, 2016

Rising yields are tempting, but uncertainty makes them risky.

Trumping Prognostications

by Benjamin Shepherd on November 28, 2016

Despite the dire predictions, even the market doesn’t think Trump is the end of technology.

Protect Yourself Against Higher Rates

by Benjamin Shepherd on November 17, 2016

While Donald Trump’s election as the next President has been good for stock prices, for bond prices, not so much.While it’s impossible to know exactly what policies President-elect Trump will put into place, what he’s talked about could spur higher inflation and interest rates, and higher rates mean lower bond prices.Other factors also point to […]

Disaster Investing

by Benjamin Shepherd on November 14, 2016

New technology is notoriously buggy, sometimes spawning new businesses.

President Trump Will Make Money for Investors

by Benjamin Shepherd on November 10, 2016

Like most Americans, I spent Tuesday night (and well into Wednesday morning) watching the election returns and the market reaction to them around the world.  My first thought was that I was watching Brexit II. Australia and Japan got off to a shaky start at 6 P.M. and 7 P.M. EST respectively. Then things just […]

You, Too, Can Invest Like an Angel

by Benjamin Shepherd on October 31, 2016

New regulations and advances in financial technology now let you start your own venture capital fund.

Britain: The Calm Before the Brexit Storm

by Benjamin Shepherd on October 27, 2016

 While the UK economy seems to be more resilient than expected after the Brexit vote, you should still approach the country with caution. The better than expected third-quarter growth didn’t come from particularly reliable sources and, without a framework for the exit yet, it could still get ugly.In a bit of good news for the […]

FinTech is Taking a Bite out of Banks

by Benjamin Shepherd on October 17, 2016

Bankers have been in the hot seat thanks to a wave of scandals, ushering in the departure of Wells Fargo’s (NYSE: WFC) CEO and driving Deutsche Bank’s (NYSE: DB) share price below even financial crisis levels. On top of that, while revenue and earnings at most of the major banks have been topping analyst expectations, […]

Divide and Conquer on a Cellular Level

by Benjamin Shepherd on October 3, 2016

Not only can the tech sector be profitable, but it can do a lot of good.

Big Banks Take a Licking, Small Banks Keep Ticking.

by Benjamin Shepherd on September 29, 2016

If you don’t care for banks or bankers, you’re in good company.German behemoth Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) is the latest target of global ire as it faces $14 billion in fines related to its role in the mortgage market meltdown. That has brought the short-selling vultures circling with 39 million shares currently sold short, nearly […]

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