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Benjamin Shepherd

Benjamin Shepherd is a recognized exchange-traded fund (ETF), mutual fund and stock expert with an extensive background analyzing time-tested funds, including their managers and strategies. Ben looks for investments that have proven themselves in both bull and bear markets. Ben also specializes in covering emerging markets, pinpointing the most dynamic investments in developing nations for market-beating growth.

Ben is an analyst for Global Income Edge and regularly contributes to Personal Finance, Investing Daily’s flagship product. 

Analyst Articles

Big Banks Take a Licking, Small Banks Keep Ticking.

by Benjamin Shepherd on September 29, 2016

If you don’t care for banks or bankers, you’re in good company.German behemoth Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) is the latest target of global ire as it faces $14 billion in fines related to its role in the mortgage market meltdown. That has brought the short-selling vultures circling with 39 million shares currently sold short, nearly […]

The Price of Terrorism

by Benjamin Shepherd on September 19, 2016

Not only does terrorism take a human toll, it has a real economic impact.

Are Mega Mergers Going to Die on the Vine?

by Benjamin Shepherd on September 15, 2016

We may be living in the “Year of the Mega Deal,” but the latest announced merger may signal an era is coming to an end.Bayer’s (OTC: BAYRY) proposed takeover of Monsanto (NYSE: MON), is a transaction valued at $66 billion including debt, making it the biggest deal of the year and the largest transaction ever […]

Yo-Ho-Ho and a 36% Gain

by Benjamin Shepherd on September 5, 2016

Tech companies say activists are modern day pirates but at least they don’t bury their treasure. Back in the mercantilist days of the 18th century, when most goods were transported by ship over the high seas, pirates were the bane of a merchant’s existence. Marauders would appear out of nowhere and commandeer a ship, then […]

Viva la Cuba Investing!

by Benjamin Shepherd on September 1, 2016

There ways to profit from our thawing relations.

Profiting Month-by-Month

by Benjamin Shepherd on August 22, 2016

The hardest part of making a new product is figuring out what to charge.

Don’t Catch Gold Fever

by Benjamin Shepherd on August 18, 2016

It’s not just Olympians going for the gold.

Trump v. Clinton, Tech Edition

by Benjamin Shepherd on August 8, 2016

I usually avoid discussing politics in these columns, given the odds of getting nasty emails from one side or the other (sometimes both). But it’s election time and we can’t ignore the elephant and the donkey in the room: who’ll be sitting in the White House next year. I believe there will always be money […]

Size Does Matter

by Benjamin Shepherd on August 3, 2016

For drugmakers, the best way to pick up steam is to buy smaller companies.

Tech Evolution

by Benjamin Shepherd on July 25, 2016

It takes old technology to power the new

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