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Benjamin Shepherd

Benjamin Shepherd is a recognized exchange-traded fund (ETF), mutual fund and stock expert with an extensive background analyzing time-tested funds, including their managers and strategies. Ben looks for investments that have proven themselves in both bull and bear markets. Ben also specializes in covering emerging markets, pinpointing the most dynamic investments in developing nations for market-beating growth.

Ben is an analyst for Global Income Edge and regularly contributes to Personal Finance, Investing Daily’s flagship product. 

Analyst Articles

Healthcare, the Top Performer

by Benjamin Shepherd on April 24, 2015

An aging world and better access means healthcare should continue outperforming.

The Latin American Festival Continues

by Benjamin Shepherd on April 22, 2015

As larger economies struggle, smaller countries celebrate their successes.

The Internal Sentinel

by Benjamin Shepherd on April 17, 2015

With so many data breaches, companies must have as much inside control as outside protection.

Generic Value

by Benjamin Shepherd on April 10, 2015

While producers of name brand foods are still solid investments, makers of generic versions are up-and-comers.

Any OTHER Port in a Storm

by Benjamin Shepherd on April 3, 2015

Shifting port traffic requires sizable investment in infrastructure.

Cracking Cheap Oil Profits

by Benjamin Shepherd on April 3, 2015

This small refiner in the American Southwest sits at the crossroad of geopolitics.

Building Profits

by Benjamin Shepherd on March 27, 2015

As real estate sales improve, profits will only grow from here.

They Know the Drill

by Benjamin Shepherd on March 20, 2015

Cheap oil has created buying opportunities in the energy sector.

High Yields on the High Seas

by Benjamin Shepherd on March 13, 2015

This shipping company’s dividend is backed by predictable cash flows.

Banking on European Profits

by Benjamin Shepherd on March 6, 2015

Europe’s stimulus should boost two of our highest-yield holdings.

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