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Mining on a Major Scale

By Roger Conrad on February 29, 2012

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Dear Reader,

If you’re one of the folks sitting on the sidelines right now, there’s probably one question you want the answer to more than any other…

Did I miss out on the rally?

As it turns out, it’s a popular question that turns up nearly 24 million results on Google.

And the short answer to it is YES. You missed out.

“It’s an emotional reaction. 2008 and 2009 were like being in the fetal position. Now everyone wants to buy.”—D.A., financial planner, Scottsdale, Arizona

The odds of the market tacking on ANOTHER 158% are slim… and none.

That’s bad news.

You know you need to build a nest egg for your retirement.

Or if you’re already retired, you need income now!

You probably feel like you have to do something.

Are you struggling for income?

In my opinion, at no other time in American history since the Great Depression have investors endured such a challenging period in identifying high-quality, long-term income investments.

Phil AshHi, my name is Phil Ash and I’m the Executive Publisher at Investing Daily.

It’s not often that you’ll hear from me. I prefer to let my small army of investing experts do the talking.

But today is different. You see, today I’m pulling the wraps of our new high-income investment advisory, Global Income Edge.

Global Income Edge is the third service in our stable to bear the “Edge” name. It’s a distinction I don’t hand out very often.

After all, our flagship “Edge”service, Canadian Edge, has delivered readers gains of up of 785% and yields as high as 9.5%. And its sister publication, Australian Edge, has handed readers gains like 142.4% and yields of up to 7.4%.

So it goes without saying that I have high expectations for Global Income Edge.

That’s why I hired Richard Stavros. There’s no one more uniquely qualified than Richard to head up Global Income Edge and deliver the same kind of high-income payouts and capital gains that its sister publications do.

Richard has the kind of experience most analysts could only dream about putting on a résumé. That includes two degrees from Georgetown University and an MBA from Oxford University.

More impressive, though, is his extensive experience as founder of the emerging markets strategy and financial advisory Thomas Dwight Capital.

There he has advised multi-billion-dollar U.S. mutual funds on infrastructure investments, he’s advised multi-billion-dollar European funds on real estate development and he recently guided a Mexican shipping company through asset valuations and business diversification.

Here’s the best news for you: I’m opening enrollment to his service a month earlier than we had planned.

The reason? I want to reward loyal Investing Daily readers (like you) by offering you the opportunity to join our new research advisory BEFORE we open it to the general public. Not only will you get first crack at the five companies you’ll see in just a minute, but you’ll also get a special pricing offer.

But you need to act quickly. I can only afford to let 100 people take a sneak peak at this high-income advisory today. When we hit that number, we’ll close out the offer and you’ll have to wait until we open enrollment up to the masses at the full price.

I want to let you in on my solution.

I’ve developed a formula that I call the Income Blueprint.

It’s my new secret weapon for pinpointing low-risk, high-income investments.

Income AfterburnersI’d like to give you access to it today… along with a special report called “Income Afterburners.”

Inside you’ll get all the details (including ticker symbols and prices to buy under) on five companies my formula singled out.

It’s so powerful that one of these companies is already showing smart investors payouts of up to $17,179.

I’ll show you how to reserve a copy for yourself in just a minute.

The Income Architect

My name is Richard Stavros and I’m the Chief Investment Analyst for Investing Daily’s NEW high-income research advisory, Global Income Edge.

If my name sounds familiar, you may have read my work in our daily e-letter, Stocks to Watch.

Or you may have come across it in one of our premium publications like Personal Finance or Utility Forecaster.

Over 200,000 investors from 32 countries rely on Investing Daily for its unique brand of investing advice.

I’ve been refining the Income Blueprint Formula for nearly 10 years now.

In fact, the engine of my formula is what drives the exclusive Early Warning System in our sister publication Utility Forecaster—an advisory service that is currently giving its readers an average gain of 293% per pick.

That’s not bad.

It’s a far cry better than what the S&P 500 will give you.

But I wanted to do even better.

I wanted to create a research advisory that delivers payouts so massive that you’ll still have money left over to add to your nest egg… or to use for that dream vacation in the brochure you have tucked away somewhere.

So I worked until I perfected a formula that did exactly that.

And I purposely didn’t constrain my proprietary formula to any one industry or even any particular country.

Here’s why: Forbes recently analyzed the returns of a hypothetical global portfolio against those of a U.S.-only one, and here’s what they found.

Growth of $100,000

The diversified international portfolio turned $100,000 into $191,772 in 10 years.

The domestic-only portfolio returned 22% less.

In fact, the global portfolio outperformed the domestic portfolio a staggering 96% of the time over a series of 121 rolling three-year periods.

That’s why my Income Blueprint Formula is designed specifically to ruthlessly pursue income anywhere in the world.

The Perfect High-Income Formula?

The Income Blueprint Formula is powered by something I developed years ago called the DuPont Hybrid Model.

The original DuPont model was developed nearly 100 years ago and it’s still in use today because…

it’s supremely effective at pinpointing companies that excel in generating profits from the money shareholders invest (return on equity).

It’s so effective, Warren Buffett uses the principles behind it to compare companies against their peers.

And a study by Charles Schwab is further proof of its power.

It showed there’s a high correlation between return on equity—safetyand the ability to continue paying dividends over time.

Here’s some real proof on how effective it is.

Since 2009, I’ve used the engine of the Income Blueprint Formula to rate all the stocks in the utility sector… and here are the results.

My picks trounced the competition

My top 10 utilities from 2009 returned 43% MORE than the competition.

My 2010 top 10 list crushed the competition’s returns by 81%.

And my 2011 list out-returned their peers by a staggering 151%.

In fact, the utilities my formula pinpointed have beaten their competition every year since I developed it.

I’ll show you exactly how this high-income formula works when you agree to test-drive my new research advisory, Global Income Edge.

When you do, I’ll send you the special report “Income Afterburners”…


Let me show you five opportunities my Income Blueprint Formula pinpointed for you.

High-Income Opportunity #1

I think it’s safe to say you’re going to love this first company.

And here’s why: It pays a $4 dividend.

You didn’t read that wrong. It pays a $4 dividend.

That means the yield on this gem is 10%.

That’s almost unheard of!

That’s the kind of payout that will not only give you the money you need to live on but will also ensure you still have some left over to put away for a rainy day.

You’ve no doubt heard about the energy boom here in the United States.

This company is making a handsome profit because of it.

My pick provides a critical, unique tool to exploration companies fighting to bring resources to the surface.

This tool is so rare, the company charges $635,000 a day to use it… and its customers gladly pay it.

Here’s the best part: It doesn’t just own one of these tools.

It owns 69 of them.

“Given that U.S. stocks today are considered by many to be fully valued while foreign stocks are still relatively cheap, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to devote slightly more of your holdings to foreign stocks than you typically would.”—Carolyn T. Geer, Wall Street Journal

This dividend monster also has global reach.

It boasts operations in energy hotbeds like Brazil, the North Atlantic, Africa, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

That diversification brings a layer of safety you won’t get by investing in an American energy company that bet all its money on one hand.

I think it’s safe to say that when I give you the full story, you’ll be shocked… in a good way.

You need to act quickly, though, because share price is up 14% since April.

If you buy shares now… you’ll be sitting on a total return of 30.9% in a year.

High-Income Opportunity #2

Your second high-income opportunity boasts one of the highest yields I’ve ever seen…

a stunning 20.5%!

It just goes to show you the power behind my Income Blueprint Formula.

My formula has the power to uncover this type of opportunity in any market… in any country.

This company is based in Norway, but don’t worry—like ALL of the companies in our portfolio, it’s listed on a U.S. exchange. Because they’re subject to U.S. reporting requirements, this makes them safe and convenient to purchase.

Take a look at what its share price has done recently…

31% gain in four months!

It tacked on 31% since March, and I don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

When that happens, you’ll be sitting on a total return of 43% (including its massive dividend).

But only if you grab shares now. My special report will show you how.

High-Income Opportunity #3

This opportunity comes from a market that’s experiencing explosive growth: telecommunications.

But this isn’t your old-fashioned Ma Bell type of phone company.

This opportunity is a cutting-edge tech company that is feeding the appetites of data-hungry smartphone users around the world.

If you’re tied to your smartphone—or you’ve bumped into a teenager who’s more interested in the tiny screen in their hands than what’s going on around them—then you understand how massive this trend is.

This company currently serves 434 million mobile customers and 9 million broadband customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.

You’ll like that kind of diversification because it allows the company to weather downturns in any particular region it operates in…

… but you’ll love it more for the $2.47 dividend it pays.

This isn’t a $100 stock… or a $50 stock either.

It clocks in at $33, which means its yield is 6.9%.

That’s over three-and-a-half times the S&P 500’s.

The Income Blueprint Formula projects its share price will hit almost $38 in the next year.

That would net you a total return of 20.2%.

I’ll give you all the details, including the ticker symbol and price to buy under, in my special report.

You can reserve your FREE COPY in just a minute.

High-Income Opportunity #4

High-Income Opportunity #4 is a U.S.-based company that services the growing legions of data-hungry smartphone users around the globe.

It has a strong foothold here, serving nearly a third of the population.

But it also sports operations in Europe, Canada and the world’s largest market—China.

You’ll also like that its reach is growing, with the recent announcement of plans for an acquisition that would give it broad access to the exploding Latin American market.

There’s something else that’s growing as well: Its share price.

It’s up 11% in the last five months.

Throw in a $1.84 dividend on a $35.40 share price (5.2% yield) and you have another “must-own” company for your portfolio.

You’ll get all its lucrative details in my special report.

High-Income Opportunity #5

This U.S.-based investment manager is your chance to cash in on the world’s growing middle class.

As throngs of people graduate to a middle-class lifestyle, one of the first things they’ll seek out is financial advice.

And Opportunity #5 is the most diversified global asset manager in the world, with $466 billion under management.

It currently yields 5.9%, and you can grab shares for a little over $26.

A disclosure by the company shows Frank R. from Minnetonka, Minnesota, received a dividend check for $2,520 just the other week.

Mark F. from Whitehall, Maryland, just banked a cool payout of $5,066.

And Geoffrey L. from Palm Beach, Florida, cashed a massive $17,179 check… all thanks to the company I call High-Income Opportunity #5.

I’ll give you all the details in my special report.

Here’s how to claim your FREE copy.

Take My Risk-Free Test-Drive

With investors holding their collective breath every time our stock market stumbles, I think it makes perfect sense to diversify some of your money into the high-income opportunities I just showed you.

That’s why I want you to join Global Income Edge today.

I’m so convinced that you’re going to enjoy cashing checks from the high-income opportunities I deliver in Global Income Edge, I’m going to do something most other analysts would never dare to.

I’m going to back it up.

If you’re unhappy with Global Income Edge for any reason in the first 90 days—including the size of dividend payouts you’re seeing—simply let us know and we’ll send you a full refund.

It’s a test-drive I stand behind because I know you can make money following my advice.

So go ahead and lock in your spot today.

Take your time. Read the special report. Buy a few stocks from our three portfolios that boast average yields up to 8.3%.

Check out everything we have on our password-protected site.

Then, and only then, will you need to decide if Global Income Edge is right for you.

Grab Your Spot at Global Income Edge

The masthead price of Global Income Edge is $597.

But you can join in the next few days at $297.

You’ll save $300.


(Even better, you can lock in this limited-time price for 2 years if you buy today—2 years for a total of $597. So select the 2-year option when you check out!)

Our reason for the discount is simple: I’d like to send out the first issue of Global Income Edge to waiting subscribers.

As a thank-you for subscribing, I’ll also send you an additional SPECIAL REPORT as a bonus:

  • Endless Income“Endless Income”

… absolutely free.

An MSN Money headline blares, “Energy stocks are on fire.”

And inside this bonus special report, I’ll give you the full stories on three of them touting impressive yields.


  • A Brazilian utility that recently reported a $51 million profit and rewards shareholders with a yield of 7.3%.
  • A U.S.-based energy-services company (think pipelines and storage) that’s grown its share price since March and pays a dividend that’s scheduled to increase 10% a year until 2020.
  • A British electricity and gas distributor with operations that span from England to New England, and that boasts an annual payout of $4.58 (6.2% yield). It’s tacked 24% on to its share price in the past year, so you’ll want to move quickly on this one.

And remember, you’re covered by my 90-day risk-free test-drive.

The special reports are yours to keep no matter what you decide.

Time Is Running Out

The opportunity to join Global Income Edge at this steeply discounted price of $297 will end soon. My publisher is only willing to allow this offer for the first 100 subscribers.

The last time we launched a publication, all of the charter slots filled within a few days.

My one-of-kind research is well worth the money we plan to charge. So you need to act quickly.

I’d hate to see you sit on this for more than an hour or two and have to pay full price to get access to all the high-income plays waiting for you when you join me.

So don’t delay.

Join Global Income Edge Now!
You can review your order before it’s final

Get Access to Global Income Edge NOW!

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join me today:

  • Monthly Issues. Jumping back into the markets can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to put your money.

    That’s why every month you’ll get the most detailed investment research available on income opportunities from around the world—including the United States.
  • Feature Articles. Every week you’ll get a feature article from me where I detail important activity in the income markets, new income opportunities and updates on current positions.
  • Flash Alerts. Anytime there’s breaking news on one of our positions or a new opportunity comes along that simply can’t wait for the next issue, you’ll get a Flash Alert.

    The world is teeming with affordable income opportunities. This is your chance to take advantage of them.
  • Members-Only Website. You’ll get an easy-to-navigate archive of all my research here. That includes every issue, article and special report I’ve ever written. And it’s all password-protected to ensure only paying subscribers like you can benefit from these profitable tools.
  • Three Portfolios to Grow Your Wealth. Even with share prices on the rise, there are still hidden, undervalued income opportunities out there. Our three portfolios ensure you’ll have options that range from safety and growth all the way to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

    Here’s a small sampling of the yields you’ll find there. (You’ll get full, uncensored access to the companies below when you join Global Income Edge!)

    S_____ I_____ R___ (NYSE: S__)—current yield: 6.5%
    L____ A__________ (NASDAQ: L___)—current yield: 6.3%
    A___ C______ C___ (NASDAQ: A___)—current yield: 8.7%
    O_____ (NYSE: O___)—current yield: 7.2%
    E________ S_ (NYSE: E_)—current yield: 6.76%
  • Stock Talk Message Boards. You can ask me questions on our message boards—I’ll reply promptly. This is a subscriber favorite for all of our other publications, and I’m certain that you’ll find it to be a valuable resource.
  • Top-Shelf Customer Service. Our service staff can help you with any aspect of your subscription. Simply give us a toll-free call or send us an email. No matter how you contact us, we’ll do everything we can to make you happy.
  • My 90-Day Guarantee. I want you to be completely satisfied with the research and payouts you get from Global Income Edge. That’s why I’m giving you my exclusive 3-month test-drive. It’s more than enough time to make sure it’s right for you.

    If you aren’t happy, simply let us know and we’ll promptly issue you a full refund.

In just minutes, you can have access to three months of research that could hand you payouts of up to $17,179… for less than 82 cents a day.

And you’ll have the 90-day test-drive of my service.

So you risk nothing by taking this offer.

Grab your spot before it’s too late.

Join Global Income Edge Now!
You can review your order before it’s final

To High Income from Around the World,

Richard Stavros

Richard Stavros
Chief Investment Analyst
Global Income Edge

P.S. Please hurry. This is a special offer and there are only 100 spots available at these highly discounted prices.

When we hit that number, we’ll close out this offer and you won’t ever see the price this low again.

Lock in this great price and you’ll have 90 full days to decide if it’s right for you.

You risk nothing by giving Global Income Edge a try.

Join me now!