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Sales Stoked by Evoque

By Yiannis G. Mostrous on February 24, 2012

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The Greatest Money Show on Earth

I’m Benjamin Shepherd, Chief Analyst of Global Investment Strategist.

I invite you to join a special class of investors committed to hunting down the world’s most generous investments—no matter where they’re found. We never let lines on a map stop us from building our wealth.

The United States offers a huge number of ways to build wealth, but I’ve never understood how investors could chain themselves to a single country. It’s like shopping in one aisle of the supermarket for your entire life. Your portfolio is bound to suffer from malnutrition. I prefer the buffet approach to investing, moving from market to market, feasting on the upward swing of each.

In short, I’m convinced that there is no better way to serious wealth today than investing in global markets—especially new and emerging markets. My team and I study them as doggedly as astronomers peering through telescopes in search of new planets.

Triple-Digit Gains for Global Investment Strategist Readers

Let’s cut right to what matters most, results.

Over the last 5 years, our current portfolio has returned 50.2% as compared to just 37.3% for the Dow Jones and 20.4% for the MSCI.

Here are just a few of the emerging-market gains we're sitting on now in Global Investment Strategist

  • 205% in Filipino fast food
  • 197% in Indian pharmaceuticals
  • 178% in Singaporean shipbuilding and real estate
  • 304% in Asian hospitality and casinos
  • 381% in Chinese consumer staples
  • 168% in Taiwan semiconductors

Could you become accustomed to gains like this—compared to the frustrating performance of the U.S. markets over the past decade?

My subscribers are adjusting to triple-digit gains very quickly. And they look forward to more, because the main focus of Global Investment Strategist is always where the growth is: emerging markets.

One of the Most Powerful Forces on Earth

Today's emerging markets are driven by one of the most powerful forces on Earth—the human desire for a better life.

The billions of the developing world want the same standard of living the West has enjoyed for decades… with all the consumer goodies, gadgets and comforts we take for granted.

This dramatic, unstoppable demonstration of pure human "want" is reshaping the global economy and the way you should invest forever.

Put squarely: If you do not include emerging markets in your portfolio... you're cheating your own future.

And I suggest you kick off your venture into the world's fastest-growing markets with a no-risk look at Global Investment Strategist.

With your very first issue, you'll know that my service gives you access to some of the most intriguing investments you'll ever come across.

I invite you to take three full months to look over all my recommendations before you decide to continue. Put them to your own personal test.

Global Investment Strategist is published every two weeks, so you'll have 6 full issues to scrutinize.

I think you'll quickly see that investing in these fast-growing global markets can earn you more money in the coming years than you'd ever make in U.S. stocks and funds.

If it turns out you disagree, simply cancel and get every penny back.

Join Me and Pocket the Currency Bonus

Every time you invest—whether it’s on the NYSE or in Madagascar—you’re making a currency bet. An appreciating currency gives you a wonderful “tail wind,” pushing the U.S. dollar value of your investment ever upward, even if its price in local currency doesn’t move a bit.

I hate to discourage all the stock pickers out there, but the simple fact is that it’s much more important to be in the right countries than the right stocks. Almost everything flies high when a country’s economic winds are blowing smartly.

Take Australia for example. You can buy any Aussie stock, and if the currency appreciates 10% over the next year, you’ll earn a 10% “currency bonus” on top of whatever the stock returns.

Actually, thanks to the compounding effect, your windfall is even greater. A 10% gain on your stock combined with a 10% gain in the currency means you pocket 21%.

Likewise, a 20% gain becomes a 32% gain... a 30% gain becomes a 43% gain, and so on. With so many experts predicting a market correction in the U.S., that extra return—and safety—starts to look awfully good.

To find these wonderful situations, I work “top-down,” looking for the next country or region to take off. Only after I’m satisfied that a country and its currency are strengthening do I buy its stocks.

By using this “follow-the-money” approach, you’ll be taking full advantage of the tremendous wealth-building power of appreciating currencies. You’ll never be stuck on a single-market roller coaster. You’ll avoid the boom and bust cycle altogether, by shifting from bull market to bull market around the globe instead.

As you’ll see, it’s almost impossible to lose when you’ve got a strong tail wind filling your investment sails, effortlessly pushing your portfolio ahead. And when you own a stock in an appreciating currency, that’s exactly the position you’ll be in.

Step One: Try a 3-Month No-Risk Subscription Now

Like the great leap of the U.S. in the 19th century to industrialized superpower status, the amazing rise of emerging markets will create great fortunes.

It is the 100%-take-it-to-the-bank megatrend of our time.

If you want your fortune to be counted among them, Global Investment Strategist is the best way to get started.

Normally, Global Investment Strategist's package of investor services (twice-monthly issues delivered online, weekly website articles and immediate-action flash alerts via email) costs $697 a year.

But with this special invitation, you can start a no-risk one-year subscription for just $497. You save $200 from the get-go, and the risk of trying Global Investment Strategist is... zero.

If, over the next three months, you're not satisfied with the gains you're making, I'll send you a full, 100% refund. (The special reports are yours to keep, along with my thanks for giving Global Investment Strategist a try.)

There's never been a better time than now to profit from the global dream—the desire of scores of developing countries to emulate the living standards that the first world has enjoyed for so long.

You don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Try Global Investment Strategist today.

Activate your guaranteed no-risk subscription here.

Yours for a world of profits,

Benjamin Shepherd Signature

Benjamin Shepherd
Global Investment Strategist