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Every few decades something happens in Washington, D.C., that is a total game-changer on Wall Street. Investors who have recognized legislative and regulatory trends on Capitol Hill and seized the resulting investment opportunities in the stock market have made millions of dollars.

This lucrative pattern has played itself out again and again and again going back to the Civil War when influential members of Congress used to meet by the Potomac River under the cover of darkness to approve Union Army purchase orders for gunpowder and cannons.

J.P. Morgan raked in enormous profits during the Great Depression when the U.S. government deemed the railroads too big to fail. When Hoover's Reconstruction Finance Corporation loaned the then-stunning sum of $5.75 million to Missouri Pacific Railroad back in 1932, the bankers and their cronies got rich overnight.

Remember when the White House got behind mapping the human genome in 2000? You know the rest of the story. Average, ordinary investors who bought a few thousand shares became multi-millionaires when Celera exploded to $268 (along the way, the stock went up over $60 in one of the most incredible single-day moves in NASDAQ history).

Follow the money from Washington to Wall Street, and you'll need a truck to haul your sacks of Benjamins down to the vault this fall.

I've methodically studied this correlation between politics and profits with relentless focus. Without exception, this stunningly profitable trend has played out again and again and again. The two-step between Washington and Wall Street has made and will continue to make savvy investors rich beyond their wildest dreams.

But forget all that's happened with investors making incredible profits in the past. The money made on the examples above is merely pocket change compared to the sacks of Benjamins you could truck down to your vault this fall. Right now, let me tell you about the BIGGEST government-backed opportunity in decades. Here's how...

Fat-cat bankers and politicians working with an eye on their personal, vested interests have teed up the BIGGEST government-backed heist in 78 years.

Politicians make a show of getting in front of cameras and offering sound bites about cleaning up Wall Street. Despite such displays, Big Goverment's latest bailout bill gives select financial institutions a taxpayer-funded safety net for the next century.

In fact, when the annals of history are written, this government-backed heist is going to end up being bigger than the fortune J.P. Morgan made off with in 1932 when the Hoover White House guaranteed loans to their favorite railroads!

The wheels are in motion. On June 30, 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Wall Street Reform Act with a few key revisions. Despite lobbyists' fingerprints all over it, the Senate approved the bill.

Let's not kid ourselves. Banks may not control America, but they can pick our pockets big-time. Maybe you've seen the commercials about proposed new debit card rules that would rob us consumers of the privileges we now enjoy. As usual, banks have a habit of protecting their interests at our expense. They always have. They always will.

You can seize the champion of all investment opportunities and walk away with life-changing money.

There was never any doubt in my mind that the Wall Street Reform Act was going to successfully pass into law.

Why? You guessed it. Hidden in its minutiae are clauses which perpetuate the age-old benefits banks have often enjoyed from our government. But in this case, there is a difference. This time, YOU are also guaranteed the opportunity to make a fortune!

The Wall Street Reform Act weighs in at over 3,000 pages long. I've painstakingly read through every word of this bill (and numerous revisions) hour after hour, night after night for months.

As I was combing through Section 332 (proposed management of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), it suddenly hit me that a little-known niche group of banks is going to be victorious on a scale few could even imagine.

In a bizarre, triangular turn of events buried deep in the revisions of the Wall Street Reform Act, the FDIC, Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve can actually authorize themselves to guarantee all past and future debt of this uniquely positioned group of banks and bank holding companies for the next 50 years.

Which would bring us back to the same old story: bankers making fortunes on the backs of American taxpayers. I mean to tell you, this select group of banks is going to end up with more gold than Midas.

At first, I was in disbelief as the investment ramifications are stunning. I mean...

We're talking about you making more money on ONE BLOCKBUSTER TRADE than most folks earn in a lifetime working for wages.

So I studied it again. And again. And again. Just to be sure that I had it 100% right with absolutely no margin for error. And then I poured myself a single malt to celebrate what I firmly believe will be a $1 million windfall for investors just like you.

An investment in this niche-banking sector is almost certainly going to result in enormous profits. If history has taught us anything at all, it's to back up the truck when the U.S. government starts guaranteeing the growth and prosperity of select publicly held companies.

The underlying common stock of these under-the-radar banks is virtually guaranteed to go up. WAY up.

And after everything we've been through—obscene bonuses going to corrupt bank managers, too-big-to-fail banks accused of massive fraud, abysmal customer service, exorbitant fees, the whole subprime mortgage disaster, financial WMDs and fat-cat CEOs riding on fancy private jets paid for by our tax dollars, spending lavishly while begging for bailout money—the irony is...


It's time you took a cue from such historic patterns and seized your own huge cut. After all, as Bill Black noted in his landmark 2005 book on the collaboration of bankers and politicians: The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.

There has been overwhelming public outrage directed at senior banking management during the past 24 months. Outside the posh country-club offices of AIG executives in suburban Connecticut, armed guards stand at attention. Inside, thousands of angry letters from people across America still pour into the mailroom daily.

Enough is enough. I mean, how long are we going to put up with this?

Again, it's time to turn the tables and seize your own huge cut.

After casing banks for over 2 years, I've found how you can fully leverage this amazing opportunity and make life-changing money.

As long as the government is backing certain banks with YOUR tax dollars, you might as well profit. Where is it written that YOU should not be able to drive a Rolls Royce Ghost up the California coastline? If the fat cats can have golden parachutes and yachts worth tens of millions, why shouldn't YOU at least pocket enough money to secure a decent retirement?

The smartest way to play this opportunity is through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). With stocks bouncing around and Wall Street generally a total basket case right now, you can't go off half-cocked and start trying to pick individual banking stocks. Since 2007, over 250 banks and other financial institutions of all sizes have failed.

I've found the perfect ETF that represents the entire niche group of banks that I feel will reap astonishing benefits and competitive advantage courtesy of Obama's Wall Street Reform Act.

I believe this is a sure-thing, can't-miss opportunity. You have a chance to fully leverage this government-backed investment and make life-changing money in months.

The next few decades belong to the ETF industry. And what better way to kick things off than with a winner that is guaranteed by Uncle Sam?

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