6 Bad Stocks to Sell Immediately!

...and the one investment you CAN still rely on

These seemingly safe stocks are set to nose-dive. Find out if your stock made the list

As an investor, you have to accept the notion that you will sometimes pick bad stocks. And it’s critical that you’re able to admit a mistake and sell these stocks before a single investment sucks your entire portfolio down the drain.

You can, however, greatly diminish the frequency of your errors by selling shoddy stocks that are showing symptoms of weakness. The stocks you’ll uncover when you download this report include companies that visibly fail on our 8-point Utility Forecaster Safety Rating System.

Think These Stocks are Safe? Think Again!

The scariest thing about the 6 stocks we detail in our report is that they are not small-cap tech companies or fly-by-night Pink Sheets scams; they are well-known household names with millions of customers. And if you don’t look at the right indicators, you may never suspect that these stocks are set to stumble.

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Never Worry About Your Investments Again

Buy and hold high-quality, dividend-paying stocks: That’s the surest formula for generating income and building wealth.

In the near term, hundreds of factors influence stock prices. Ultimately, however, it’s the growth and health of underlying companies that set investor returns. To paraphrase the fictional but legendary Gordon Gekko, greed is what makes the system run. Unfortunately, sometimes being too greedy can spell trouble.

Every investor needs to be prepared to sell a stock when it shows signs of weakness. One of the most crucial components of investing is to scrutinize your potential investments carefully on financial, operating and value criteria. The Safety Rating System we demonstrate in our free report, based on eight financial, operating and regulatory criteria, is designed to reliably expose solid companies likely to be long-term wealth-builders. It serves the equally important purpose of exposing unstable businesses as well.

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