The Best Energy Companies to Invest in Right Now

The 4 Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now

Best Energy Companies to Invest in
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Fellow investor,

By the end of this decade, I expect we’ll be paying $200 a barrel for oil.

I know that sounds like a strong claim, considering that oil hasn’t even regained its pre-2008 high.

But before you dismiss the idea, consider that the average oil price is now around four times what it was 10 years ago. And our forecast is based on some of the most reliable long-term trends in history—such as the unquenchable thirst for oil in developing countries.

But beyond that, the simple fact is that despite all the hype to the contrary, not a single alternative has dethroned oil as the king of transportation fuels.

It continues to make up a third of the global energy mix—and it’s without a doubt the most irreplaceable component.

Discover the Best Energy Stocks for Reaping Big Profits from the Shale Boom!

Meanwhile, the U.S. shale boom continues to churn out new millionaires at a steady clip as producers—armed with cutting-edge drilling technology—unlock a treasure trove of previously unreachable oil and gas.

Just a few years ago, a map of the world’s recoverable oil and gas would have shown the Middle East awash in energy—with most of the Western Hemisphere high and dry.

Not anymore. Today, vast areas of the west are swimming in oil and gas—and companies no one had heard of a couple years ago are emerging as powerhouses.

In my brand new special report, “The 4 Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now,” I’ve zeroed in on the 4 energy plays that are set to ride these megatrends to new heights—delivering you big gains and a tidal wave of income along the way.  

Here’s a sneak peek at these 4 superstars-in-the-making. You get full details on each one when you download your copy of this new FREE report today:

Red-Hot Energy Pick #1: The King of Fracking

One of the best energy stocks among oil producers holds a commanding presence in the exploding Bakken shale region, where it ranks as one of the top 5 companies by production.

Management was quick to pivot when natural gas prices took a dive during the recession, sharpening the company’s focus on more lucrative oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs). It has since built a reputation for being the best and most efficient primary shale oil producer in the U.S., cranking out the most profits with the best profit margins.

Best of all, its focus on America helps it dodge political instability in other parts of the world. Plus, its operating cash flow jumped 40% in 2013, so it can handle the pressure if oil prices fall.

Best Energy Companies to Invest in
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Red-Hot Energy Pick #2: Full Steam Ahead!

The economics are certainly compelling: Natural gas can be had for less than $5 per million British thermal units (MMbtu) in the U.S., and shipping it overseas in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) costs about another $5 per MMbtu.

When you consider that Europe and Japan are paying $13 to $18 today, you can see why gas-rich countries like the U.S. and Australia are pulling out all the stops to shove their way into these thirsty markets.

The LNG whirlwind continues to fill this shipping stock’s sails: Its fleet of eight cutting-edge LNG tankers is plying the world’s oceans at full tilt, and another seven are set to roll down the skids in the next two years. Producers can’t fill them fast enough: my pick’s ships are 100% booked, mostly under steady-as-she-goes long-term contracts.

With the U.S. gearing up for massive LNG exports and the global shift away from coal and toward natural gas, it's smooth sailing ahead for LNG shippers like this exciting company. Get everything you need to ride the wave in my exclusive new report.

Red-Hot Energy Pick #3: A Cash-Spinning Superstar

Master limited partnerships (MLPs) offer you three unbeatable advantages: high income, the potential for big gains and a tax benefit.

Our favorite pick among these incredible investments is one of America’s largest publicly traded MLPs. It boasts a diversified business mix that includes natural gas pipelines, offshore production platforms, oil pipelines and even tank barges.

The MLP has been a growth machine since its July 1998 IPO, increasing its asset base from $715 million to $38 billion. And there’s plenty of expansion still to come.

The best part? Its pipelines generate fees no matter what commodity prices are doing. This rock-steady business model has helped it hike its distribution for 38 consecutive quarters … and counting.

Start benefiting from this unique MLP—including its juicy 4.0% dividend yield—when you download your FREE copy of “The 4 Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now.”

Red-Hot Energy Pick #4: A Solar Giant That's About to Go Supernova

Solar power production surged 58% in 2012, and the Energy Information Agency sees capacity doubling in the next decade. Even so, a glut of solar panels has driven many solar stocks to ruin.

But the story couldn't be more different for our No. 1 solar pick. That’s because it builds and operates huge solar farms around the globe. Under a recent deal, it sold a 139-megawatt project that it will continue to maintain and operate for the next 10 years—generating a continuous stream of revenue.

At the same time, its efficiency conversion ratios keep going up, making its desert solar farms plenty competitive against fossil fuels and rooftop panel technologies alike.

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Best Energy Companies to Invest in
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