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Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are money machines that generate substantial—and sustainable—positive cash flow, and whose revenues and earnings are expected to increase at faster rates than the average company.

Growth companies typically have some sort of competitive advantage that allows them to fend off competitors and keep the lion’s share of business to themselves. They also have many different investment opportunities (or a few large opportunities) that promise to generate high returns.

Uncover a variety of top picks in growth stocks and the hottest growth trends, past and present, in our growth investing article archive below. Also, be sure to check out our exclusive free guide on the top growth stocks to own now, featuring three top growth stocks that we believe will be worth much more in the future than they cost today.

China Joins the Stimulus Party

But with its economy growing at 7%, is it really necessary?

China’s Slowing, but the Sky Isn’t Falling

The world economy can withstand the slowdown in Asia.

March Jobless Report Raises More Questions

Surprisingly, emerging markets could be one of the answers.

Any OTHER Port in a Storm

Shifting port traffic requires sizable investment in infrastructure.

Don’t Get Caught in the News Cycle Trap

Reacting to events can be expensive; here are three ways to avoid it

When In Doubt, Rebalance

Don’t forget the fundamentals of finance, especially in volatile times.

The $2.5 Million Myth

A decent retirement is still a very attainable goal with a little smart planning.

Lessons Learned from Lumber Liquidators

Like Union Carbide before it, sorting out this mess could take years.

Why You Need a Healthy Dose of Healthcare

To inoculate yourself against costs, overweight this in your portfolio.

Walmart Wage Hike: Bullish Sign for Consumer Stocks

The final piece of the recovery puzzle may now be in place.

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