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Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are money machines that generate substantial—and sustainable—positive cash flow, and whose revenues and earnings are expected to increase at faster rates than the average company.

Growth companies typically have some sort of competitive advantage that allows them to fend off competitors and keep the lion’s share of business to themselves. They also have many different investment opportunities (or a few large opportunities) that promise to generate high returns.

Uncover a variety of top picks in growth stocks and the hottest growth trends, past and present, in our growth investing article archive below. Also, be sure to check out our exclusive free guide on the top growth stocks to own now, featuring three top growth stocks that we believe will be worth much more in the future than they cost today.

Strong Jobs Report Fails to Bolster Market

Plummeting oil prices aren’t helping, either.

Trans-Atlantic Differences

Europe is refusing to print more money while America is giving it away.

Black Friday in Reverse

Portfolio managers are loading up on the hottest stocks.

All That Glitters Is Definitely Not Gold

The precious metal is an overrated investment.

Midterm Elections Send Mixed Message

If the economy is improving, why are voters so angry?

The Fed Tightens Amid Weak Global Growth

Japan ramps up QE, and Europe may be next.

Battle for Investment Survival

The past provides useful guidance for the future.

As Oil Goes, So Go Stocks

Crude was at the center of the global markets' swoon. 

U.S. Stocks Battle Global Slowdown

The strength of the dollar is a mixed blessing.

Pimco and Gross – It’s the Numbers That Count

What to do now.

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