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Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are money machines that generate substantial—and sustainable—positive cash flow, and whose revenues and earnings are expected to increase at faster rates than the average company.

Growth companies typically have some sort of competitive advantage that allows them to fend off competitors and keep the lion’s share of business to themselves. They also have many different investment opportunities (or a few large opportunities) that promise to generate high returns.

Uncover a variety of top picks in growth stocks and the hottest growth trends, past and present, in our growth investing article archive below. Also, be sure to check out our exclusive free guide on the top growth stocks to own now, featuring three top growth stocks that we believe will be worth much more in the future than they cost today.

Three Momentum Stocks to Beat the Summer Lull

Economic uncertainty has prompted many traders to take a summer vacation from the markets. However, investors can still find pockets of outperformance. Here are three stocks with EPS momentum that are poised to beat the market in the second half of 2012.

Diversification is Not a Panacea

It’s still true that it generally pays to maintain a diversified portfolio, but we prove here that it’s not always a cure-all for the market’s ups and downs.

Riding the “Risk-On, Risk-Off” Seesaw

Although today's investing climate can be characterized as "risk-off," the US stock market isn't following suit.

Coinstar Sees Big Growth in Movie Rentals

How automated DVD rental kiosks are helping the company beat Netflix at its own game. 

Small Is Still Beautiful

Smaller companies inherently have more growth potential, a truism borne out so far this year by the stellar performance of small-cap stocks. Here are three small-cap stars poised for a fantastic 2012.

The June Rally: Built on Weak Foundations

The recent uptick in the markets is unjustified by the underlying economic evidence. Our call remains for the S&P 500 to test or undercut its June lows before kicking off a year-end rally.

What Volkswagen’s Porsche Takeover Means for Investors

Europe’s biggest automaker has snapped up full control of Porsche. Now it’s got GM and Toyota in its sights.

A Smart Investment in Smartphones

Growing global mobility equals a big win for mobile technology leader Qualcomm.

On Target During a Rebound

Value investors, take note: Target is an undervalued discount retailer that should provide above-market returns once the economy fully rebounds.

Metals on the Move

Growing demand this year from China and rising copper prices should boost this leading metals producer.

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