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Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are money machines that generate substantial—and sustainable—positive cash flow, and whose revenues and earnings are expected to increase at faster rates than the average company.

Growth companies typically have some sort of competitive advantage that allows them to fend off competitors and keep the lion’s share of business to themselves. They also have many different investment opportunities (or a few large opportunities) that promise to generate high returns.

Uncover a variety of top picks in growth stocks and the hottest growth trends, past and present, in our growth investing article archive below. Also, be sure to check out our exclusive free guide on the top growth stocks to own now, featuring three top growth stocks that we believe will be worth much more in the future than they cost today.

The Tax Canard

When it comes to tax policy, investors should beware of partisan Fantasyland. Here’s the unbiased reality.

The Time is Ripe for Value

Today’s anxiety in the markets is largely unwarranted, creating rare bargains for investors who keep their cool.

Seeking a Beacon Through the Fog

Investor handwringing over predictable Washington machinations doesn't change our core mission, which is to focus on business fundamentals.

How This Election Really Matters

We sift through the political hype to determine what counts for investors…and what doesn’t.

Cutting Through the Noise

We sift through conflicting views of the state of the economy to give investors the straight dope on market conditions.

Take the Leisure Road to Higher Profits

As the consumer sector improves and the number of older Americans dramatically increases, this company stands to benefit.

Focus on Stocks, Not the Market

Keep a steady eye on the intrinsic merits of companies, instead of getting whipsawed by the rollercoaster movements of the market.

China’s Data Deluge: What to Expect

All eyes in coming weeks will be on the Middle Kingdom, as it releases economic figures that are sure to roil the markets.

Straight Talk on Employment Data

Ignore the braying of political pundits. Here’s the real meaning for investors of the latest drop in the unemployment rate.

Caution, Not Panic

Here's a defensive strategy that protects you against potential downside but also allows you to reap gains when the markets resume their upward trajectory.

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