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Master Limited Partnerships

Master limited partnership (MLP) investments offer a simple value proposition: tax-advantaged high yields and strong recession-resistant growth potential.

MLPs allow investors to defer much of their personal income tax liability for years into the future or, in many cases, indefinitely. Unlike regular corporations, a master limited partnership doesn’t pay traditional corporate-level tax. Instead, these partnerships pass through the majority of their income to investors in the form of regular quarterly distributions. In other words, 80 to 90 percent of the distribution you receive from the MLP is tax-deferred.

Learn more about how to add master limited partnerships to your portfolio with the latest in-depth analysis in the archive below. For a detailed understanding of the MLPs, including what they do, how they are taxed and the best plays to consider for your portfolio, check out our free guide: MLPs: High Yields and Low Taxes.

Downstream Deliverance Amid Crude Slump

MLPs reliant on oil production got drilled last week, while refining plays fared much better.

Upstream or Up the Creek?

The oil and gas drillers among MLPs have hit a rough patch lately amid falling crude prices. Those focused on natural gas should find it easier to keep paying their lofty yields.

Another IPO Wave Incoming

More MLP offerings are on deck as sponsors exploit strong investor demand.

From Canada With Pipelines

Two MLPs sponsored by Alberta midstream giants soared on dropdown plans and hopes last week, while the usual suspects lost ground.

MLPs Minting Gains Amid Shale Revival

The dramatic surge in domestic oil and gas output powered by the recent technological advances has created great opportunities for income investors.

Two New MLPs to Join the Party

The operator of crude and ethanol rail terminals and a Marcellus midstream operator have filed preliminary documents for initial public offerings. {For MLP Profits version only→ Plus: a Buckeye Partners update,}

Fertilizer MLPs at Rock Bottom?

Risky variable distribution MLPs can be rewarding, but only if you buy when business stinks.

Another LNG Play Steams Ahead

In addition to transporting liquefied natural gas, Hoegh LNG Partners provides the floating terminals that turn it back into a gas at the destination.

Kinder Merger: When Less Is Much More

Despite the premiums on offer, longer-term merger math favors KMI and corporate insiders.

Kinder Morgan Merger Twist

The general partner's unprecedented acquisition of its MLP affiliates finds a novel way to create value for insiders and other shareholders.

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