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Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investing is one of the easiest ways to diversify your portfolio and capture the benefits of the stock market with little effort. Investing in mutual funds has been the preferred investment vehicle for many individual investors thanks to professional management, diversification, regulation, and low barrier to entry. However, with the wide variety of mutual funds currently available, finding the right fund for you can be an overwhelming challenge.

The mutual fund investing archive below provides in-depth analysis of many of the most well known names in the mutual fund universe and the strategies they deploy. To uncover how exchange-traded funds are revolutionizing the mutual fund industry and your portfolio, check out our free report on the Top ETFs.

Five Funds for 2015

Diversification is critical to international investing. Here are five funds to round out your holdings.

Fee Wars: Can Fidelity Dominate the ETF Market?

Fidelity could trigger a fee war with its new ETF rollout, and that’s great news for retail investors.

3 Ways to Pick the Best Performing Mutual Funds

Today’s best performing mutual funds are often tomorrow’s losers. Here’s how to select the right ones for the long haul.

A Better Way to High Yield

We decode the Federal Reserve’s latest signals and explain what they mean for investors.

Two Ginnie Mae Funds for Good, Safe Income

Among the many challenges investors face these days is how to generate decent income at low risk. One of the best solutions for risk-averse investors is to consider no-load mutual funds that invest in Ginnie Maes.

The One and Only

Every fund manager touts his or her unique approach to investing, but few can claim absolute exclusivity. This fund manager has proof that he’s the only one using his process: US Patent Number 7,107,229 B1.

Growth at a Low Price

Recent hiccups aside, this offering is helmed by one of the best minds in the business and boasts one of the strongest long-term track records among US equity funds.

Up or Down, Fees Are Your Concern

Although mutual fund fees will likely fall this year, it’s still your responsibility to educate yourself about fees and expense ratios

Cash Balances

Many investors already consider short-term bond funds an alternative to money market funds because of their higher yields and similar investment profiles.

Transforming Returns

Investors often overlook convertible securities because they don’t understand how these instruments work or don’t think they offer enough upside. Properly managed, convertibles have a place in any portfolio.

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