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Natural Gas Stocks

Natural gas stocks have gained new interest from investors thanks to the shale gas revolution. The shale gas revolution has unlocked an abundance of clean-burning natural gas and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) trapped in giant shale rock formations in the United States and abroad. Many experts predict that natural gas will be the most important source of energy in the global economy in the coming years, because it is clean, reliable and safe.

The natural gas stocks archive below outlines some of the biggest trends in natural gas investing. Investing Daily’s in-depth reporting reveals the hottest drilling locations, most influential technologies, and how government policies are affecting natural gas stocks. Most importantly, you’ll identify the natural gas stocks poised to benefit most from the biggest trends in the natural gas industry.

Be sure to also check out our free report, Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, for more fast-paced tips on investing in America’s rapidly-growing shale gas industry.

A Royal Pain for King Coal

Pending coal plant closures to comply with new EPA rules will only increase the demand for natural gas.

Gas Drillers Getting No Respect

Apathy in the face of low inventories and cheap stocks spells opportunity. Plus: an update on a First Solar investment that has doubled in seven months.

Flirting With a Natural Gas Shortage

This year’s abnormally large withdrawal from storage is setting up an opportunity for investors.

Government Grabs Sour LatAm Oil Prospects

Argentina’s deal with Repsol can’t erase the region’s deserved reputation for shareholder ripoffs. Plus: Shell’s monster gas ship.  

Grading My 2013 Predictions

I got the natural gas price and crude differentials right, but didn’t reckon on endless delay for the Keystone XL.    

A Look at 2013′s Biggest Energy Stories

Canada’s deadly crude-oil train wreck isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves. The rebound in domestic crude production and decline in coal use may have longer lasting repercussions

Great Speculations?

Several energy issues have made big moves in recent weeks. But some knives aren’t worth catching and some waves not worth surfing, Robert writes in the latest chat followup.

Natural Gas Is Still a Steal

The coming wave of LNG export should push prices significantly higher, Robert Rapier argues in a chat question follow-up. Plus: Statoil and Atlantic Power aren’t the bargains they seem.

Australian LNG Has Bright Future

Proximity to Asia will drive exports. We also revisit the recent chat to answer questions about several securities, including Linn Energy’s.

2 Marcellus Shale Stocks With Rising Production

A look at two Marcellus shale stocks with deep roots in America’s fastest-growing natural gas region.

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