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Oil Investing

Oil investing hardly needs an introduction as the petroleum industry has been the single most influential industry in the last century. Yet, talks about peak oil and environmental concerns over fossil fuels have sparked new debates about the viability of oil-based energy and the future of oil investing. Today, the industry remains in a state of flux: on one hand, concerns over running out of conventional fuels have led us scrambling to find alternative sources, on the other hand, the lack of a better solution means that oil continues to be our most important energy source.

The oil investing archive below uncovers the most important factors affecting oil markets and oil stocks. Our in-depth analysis—featuring exclusive charts and data—reveals the best long-term trends in oil investing and identifies the actionable investment opportunities to profit from these trends.

Be sure to also check out Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, our authoritative free guide on investing in the most prolific trend in energy of the last 50 years.

All Eyes on OPEC

Unless Saudi Arabia reverses its costly course, oil could drop below $40 a barrel.

Meet the Frackers

The North American drilling sweepstakes feature some familiar names and a few dark horses.

A Noble Undertaking

The Colorado driller is looking to break a long hiatus for MLP IPOs.

A Keystone XL Tombstone

President Obama has officially buried the controversial pipeline project on a dubious rationale, but the truth is that it was killed by crashing oil prices.

Desperately Seeking Cash Flow

Oil producers can’t seem to cut spending fast enough, paving the way for higher prices.

No Quarter for the Drillers

Q3 proved awful for energy stocks bar the refiners. We run down the biggest losers and the lucky winners. 

Turning an Oil Loss Into a Tax Win

The oil patch holds another bounty: tax losses. Here’s a smart way to harvest them. 

Down But Hardly Out in the Bakken

The shale oil boom is for now a memory, but North Dakota’s output is down just a bit from the December record. 

One Problem Solved Another Pending in the Bakken

Pipelines in this remote but prolific basin have finally caught up with the recent surge of crude, but the bright lights of flared gas still need dimming.

Hillary Clinton Tips Her Hand

The Democratic presidential frontrunner was once constructive on the Keystone XL pipeline before recently coming out against it. Her pivot has implications for another high-profile energy controversy.

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