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Oil Investing

Oil investing hardly needs an introduction as the petroleum industry has been the single most influential industry in the last century. Yet, talks about peak oil and environmental concerns over fossil fuels have sparked new debates about the viability of oil-based energy and the future of oil investing. Today, the industry remains in a state of flux: on one hand, concerns over running out of conventional fuels have led us scrambling to find alternative sources, on the other hand, the lack of a better solution means that oil continues to be our most important energy source.

The oil investing archive below uncovers the most important factors affecting oil markets and oil stocks. Our in-depth analysis—featuring exclusive charts and data—reveals the best long-term trends in oil investing and identifies the actionable investment opportunities to profit from these trends.

Be sure to also check out Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, our authoritative free guide on investing in the most prolific trend in energy of the last 50 years.

A Slippery Slope for Crude

Oil’s recent slide has hurt energy stocks but should reward the patient investor.

The Bakken’s Major Milestone

Production from the shale formation recently reached a million barrels a day, and is headed much higher. Here are the companies driving the gains.

LNG Export Projects Travel Long Road

The list of authorized exporters has recently doubled, and more are waiting their turn. Plus: chat followups on Noble and Laredo.

Why Crude’s at Home in Triple Digits

Oil trades above $100 a barrel despite the shale drilling boom because developing world demand has grown even faster.

A Slippery Slope for Crude Exports Ban

Last week's easing of restrictions could be followed by other moves to ease the domestic supply glut. 

BP Drives Home Crude Realities

Its annual statistical energy survey shows just how reliant the world has grown on the US shale boom.

Is Shale Drilling a Sham?

A revised resource estimate for the uniquely difficult Monterey basin has oil industry foes gloating without much justification. Plus: Rice jabs misplaced, and Seadrill’s Russian coup, for subscribers. 

Don’t Get Fooled by Gas Seasonals

Prices tend to retreat in the spring as heating demand wanes, but the longer-term trend points higher. Plus: chat answers on Keystone and rig rates, and a Chesapeake update for subscribers.

Ready for a Bear Market?

Many investors claim they’re prepared, but fewer stay the course as losses pile up. Here’s what it took to hold on to one long-term winner. Plus: ConocoPhillips delivers for subscribers.

ExxonMobil Refuses to Panic on Climate

The oil giant has rejected an activist push to devalue its reserves, and rightly so given coal’s dominant role in global warming.

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