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Oil Investing

Oil investing hardly needs an introduction as the petroleum industry has been the single most influential industry in the last century. Yet, talks about peak oil and environmental concerns over fossil fuels have sparked new debates about the viability of oil-based energy and the future of oil investing. Today, the industry remains in a state of flux: on one hand, concerns over running out of conventional fuels have led us scrambling to find alternative sources, on the other hand, the lack of a better solution means that oil continues to be our most important energy source.

The oil investing archive below uncovers the most important factors affecting oil markets and oil stocks. Our in-depth analysis—featuring exclusive charts and data—reveals the best long-term trends in oil investing and identifies the actionable investment opportunities to profit from these trends.

Be sure to also check out Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, our authoritative free guide on investing in the most prolific trend in energy of the last 50 years.

ExxonMobil Refuses to Panic on Climate

The oil giant has rejected an activist push to devalue its reserves, and rightly so given coal’s dominant role in global warming.

Oil’s Not Scarce, But Cheap Oil Is

There’s a huge resource of crude beneath the earth that can’t be tallied as reserves or tapped at current prices.

Why Oil Keeps Biting Bears

Plentiful domestic crude has defied numerous predictions of a price collapse thanks to rising global demand, along with unrest in Libya and Venezuela.

Government Grabs Sour LatAm Oil Prospects

Argentina’s deal with Repsol can’t erase the region’s deserved reputation for shareholder ripoffs. Plus: Shell’s monster gas ship.  

Why the Keystone XL Is Not So Key

Despite the hype about stopping the mining of the oil sands, Canada’s energy producers have no shortage of attractive alternatives if the US blocks the pipeline

Cheap Fuel for Campaign Coffers

Energy subsidies have outlasted another would-be reformer, but hope never dies when re-election beckons.

A Very Scary Graphic

The Wall Street Journal has highlighted a troubling trend for oil majors, but the story isn’t exactly what it seems.

Fueled by Hypocrisy

Opposing subsidies for fossil fuels is fine, but know that the poor would be the biggest losers.

Williams Warrants Patience

The pipeline stock has been on a roll of late, and could keep going. Plus: Robert’s quick takes on Pembina, Halcon, Swift and GasLog and a Schlumberger earnings update for subscribers.

Gazing Into My 2014 Crystal Ball

Crude should get cheaper this year and natural gas more costly. Meanwhile, one ailing former darling of the cleantech craze could end up worthless.

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