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Oil Investing

Oil investing hardly needs an introduction as the petroleum industry has been the single most influential industry in the last century. Yet, talks about peak oil and environmental concerns over fossil fuels have sparked new debates about the viability of oil-based energy and the future of oil investing. Today, the industry remains in a state of flux: on one hand, concerns over running out of conventional fuels have led us scrambling to find alternative sources, on the other hand, the lack of a better solution means that oil continues to be our most important energy source.

The oil investing archive below uncovers the most important factors affecting oil markets and oil stocks. Our in-depth analysis—featuring exclusive charts and data—reveals the best long-term trends in oil investing and identifies the actionable investment opportunities to profit from these trends.

Be sure to also check out Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, our authoritative free guide on investing in the most prolific trend in energy of the last 50 years.

Taking Advantage of Oil Prices

Hedging crude is not for amateurs. But even novice investors can profit by blending a solid yield like Chevron’s into a retirement account.

Oil Demand Is Not Declining

The rate of growth recently slowed but consumption is still rising, and prices will eventually follow.

Oil Rigs Exit Pricey Permian

The more expensive U.S. basins are bearing the early brunt of drilling cuts spurred by the crash in crude prices.

Crystal Ball Shows Better 2015

My annual energy markets predictions call for second half rebounds in crude oil and energy shares, even as natural gas prices remain weak.

The Top Energy Stocks of 2014

Energy markets didn’t fare well in 2014, but some industry segments beat the odds.

The Top Energy Stories of 2014

The oil crash overshadowed wild weather and records for global demand and U.S. output.

Grading My 2014 Predictions

I hit the bull's-eye with all five, though it took the huge year-end crude slump to make that happen.

The Mystery of Bottomless Reserves

Despite the recent gains in oil output, reserves have more than kept pace thanks to new technologies and higher prices.

Saudi Arabia Still Calling the Shots

The leading OPEC member’s attempt to squeeze U.S. shale producers might not work. But no one can stop it from trying.

What’s Your Oil Company Worth?

The recent drop in crude prices could hurt some companies’ reserve estimates at year end, but these remain a useful guide for bargain hunters.

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