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Retirement Investing

Retirement investing is one of the most important endeavors you will undertake in your life. With so much uncertainty in the world, it is critical for investors to make wise decisions regarding their retirement accounts in order to secure a comfortable, worry-free future.

From annuities and IRA’s, to legal changes affecting your retirement, uncover new retirement investing ideas and time-tested strategies to ensure you’ll be ready.

For more exceptional tips and strategies on securing your retirement, check out our free stock diversification and asset allocation report.

Winning IRA Strategies for 2015

Too many people leave money on the table when managing their IRAs. That’s a shame, since IRAs are among the most valuable assets most people own. Resolve this year to review the IRA strategies discussed here and adopt those that will improve the management and after-tax value of your IRA.

Roth Accounts: Not Only for the Young

Rules of thumb about Roth IRAs are being distorted and misapplied, causing many people not to use Roth IRAs when the vehicles could benefit them and their heirs.

Two Important New IRA Rules

Two important announcements about IRAs were made this summer. You might need to consider these new rules in your IRA planning.

A Goodbye and a Challenge

With what you know about 401k plans, consider working to  improve your company’s plan for the benefit of others.

How to Tap your 401k Early, Without Penalty

You can avoid the 10% early withdrawal penalty via a little-known strategy referred to as “Substantially Equal Periodic Payments.”

Should You Consider Old Age Insurance?

Choosing any kind of annuity isn’t easy, and such deferred annuities often come with literally dozens of pages of fine print.

Go Long with Your 401k to Avoid Low-Rate Bank Savings

Higher-earning Americans take more concrete steps, such as investing in stocks and annuities for a steady income stream in retirement.

Using Home Equity to Fund Retirement

Home equity can be tapped to fund retirement, without leaving your home. Recent changes in reverse mortgages make this strategy even more viable, but you have to know how to use them properly.

Market Optimism Isn’t Translating into Higher Contributions

Don’t Be Stingy With Your 401k  - It Will Cost You In Retirement

Don’t Let Employer Matching Cutbacks Hurt Your Nest Egg

401k Millionaires should check with their employer to make sure they’re getting every penny of any matching contributions.

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