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Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can be overwhelming at times. Although the stock market has been the best performing asset class over the long-term, short-term fluctuations can leave many investors worried about the security of their hard-earned savings.

In order to engage in profitable stock market investing, you need to have up to date, actionable information. Scroll down to our latest articles, including top market insights, trend analyses, and forward-thinking stock ideas for your portfolio.

For more information on stock market investing and the strategies professionals use to overcome risk and uncertainty in the stock market, check out our free report, Understanding the Stock Market: How to Buy Stocks and other Market Basics.

No More Excuses, Fed

At some point not enough bogeymen exist to justify keeping the U.S. economy from operating under normal conditions.But on the heels of July’s surprisingly strong employment report, Fed chair Janet Yellen may feel compelled to raise interest rates next month if the rest of the economy remains on track. Inflation is also well below the Fed’s threshold, […]

Remodel Your Portfolio

Thinking of replacing those bulky kitchen cabinets or having your bathroom remodeled? Take a number. Contractors are swamped with requests for quotes these days from homeowners eager to spruce up their biggest asset.Demand for remodeling is set to surpass records set 10 years ago during the housing boom. A recent analysis by the Harvard Joint Center […]

Profiting Month-by-Month

The hardest part of making a new product is figuring out what to charge.

Don’t Catch Gold Fever

It’s not just Olympians going for the gold.

Rocky Road Investing

I recently returned from a trip to the wild northwest of Ireland. The people of Connemara were warm; the weather chilly and misty. Hot tea or cool Guinness was consumed at every stop and lively conversation wove its way among tin whistle melodies.But I couldn’t quite take off my analyst cap, as the sharp boulders […]

Is the S&P 500 Nearing a Breakout to the Upside?

In my most recent Technical Nuggets column, (August 1, 2016) I noted: “Lower interest rates have created momentum conditions where higher prices continue to bring in buyers.  This momentum dynamic has pushed this bull market much further than anyone could have expected and the current trend remains up but is showing signs that a correction […]

Trump v. Clinton, Tech Edition

I usually avoid discussing politics in these columns, given the odds of getting nasty emails from one side or the other (sometimes both). But it’s election time and we can’t ignore the elephant and the donkey in the room: who’ll be sitting in the White House next year. I believe there will always be money […]

What Is Trump’s Deal?

We have to be careful when drawing conclusions about a president’s affect on stock market and the economy. For example, traditionally the pro-business Republican Party is regarded as good for the stock market, while the more regulatory-minded Democratic Party is viewed as an impediment to economic growth. However, no evidence supports those notions.In fact, since the end […]

Home Buying Heats Up—Just Enough

July is typically a slow month for real estate, but I recently heard a local realtor say she had to hire police officers to control the traffic at an open house last month. National numbers echo this strength. So much for the dog days of summer—at least in the housing market.This wave of demand offers […]

Technical Nuggets: Market Shows Sign of Possible Directional Change

The U.S. stock market is set for a big move as it lumbers through the traditionally dull “dog days of summer” and traders assess the post Brexit rally world.  The big question is whether a continuation of the current rally can last as the poor earnings season continues and the pressure of the U.S. presidential […]

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