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Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can be overwhelming at times. Although the stock market has been the best performing asset class over the long-term, short-term fluctuations can leave many investors worried about the security of their hard-earned savings.

In order to engage in profitable stock market investing, you need to have up to date, actionable information. Scroll down to our latest articles, including top market insights, trend analyses, and forward-thinking stock ideas for your portfolio.

For more information on stock market investing and the strategies professionals use to overcome risk and uncertainty in the stock market, check out our free report, Understanding the Stock Market: How to Buy Stocks and other Market Basics.

Alert: Brexit Triggers Global Reaction

 Fears that the British would vote with their feet and leave the European Union came true, narrowly, yesterday, and today markets are paying the price. A slight majority of UK voters (51.9% to 48.1%) felt that greater autonomy was the key to solving the country’s social, economic and political problems. Although the separation may take […]

Bracing for Brexit

Brexit has been tossing the stock market around like a rag doll in the last week.  The June 23 vote decides whether Britain will remain part of the EU, and up until recently the stock market had smugly assumed the status quo.On June 10 a poll by British newspaper The Independent showed a 10 percentage […]

Technical Nuggets: Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain, or Not

Something is amiss in the financial markets as evidenced by their increasing volatility.  And while I’m not looking to be an alarmist, my analysis of multiple technical indicators suggests that more money is coming out of stocks than going into them.

Financials: Down But Not Out

June has been a rough month for financial stocks. They took a pounding following a weak jobs report and dipped again this week after the Fed decided to stand pat on interest rates.Weak employment means a weak economy, and a weak economy is an excuse for the Fed to keep rates low, which hurts financial […]

Gassing Up on the Right Stocks

It’s no secret that summer is the year’s busiest driving season. School vacations and warmer weather inspire trips to the beach or mountains and longer journeys to relatives’ homes or tourist destinations. The AAA estimates that Americans drive an additional 440 miles each summer.And this summer will see a great rise in driving given the […]

Microsoft Proposal for LinkedIn is Latest Example of Innogration

Innogration might not be a familiar idea to you, but it has the potential to be extremely profitable.

When Stimulus Runs Out

Mohamed El-Erian just echoed his gloomy economic forecast. Instead of using his “The New Normal” term for worldwide slow growth that he branded seven years ago, this time he used a new phrase: the “T-junction.” El-Erian’s T-junction means an economic intersection where you can’t go forward because the path we’ve been following—an economy pushing slowly […]

Don’t Bet the Farm on Non-Farm Payrolls

For investors closely monitoring the stock market, the first Friday of every month is labor day – small “l”. On this day the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases its monthly non-farm payroll report.And last Friday was not a happy labor day.  Last Friday the number came in at 38,000, quite a bit shy of […]

Technical Nuggets: Calm Surfaces Can Hide Troubled Depths

Calm waters can be hiding places for big sharks.  This market seems to be in a steady up trend and many investors are looking to relax.  But in our opinion the calm demeanor of the S & P 500 is misleading and complacent investors could be in for a nasty surprise.   And as traders hit the beaches, and the Federal Reserve makes interest rate decisions in the next few days and weeks, the markets are increasingly vulnerable.

OPEC Stands Pat, the Fed May Raise

During what some thought might be a contentious meeting this week, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided to keep its “hands-off” policy. And that might give our Federal Reserve a hand in raising interest rates more quickly this year.With oil prices up nearly 80% from the 13-year low they hit this winter, […]

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