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Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can be overwhelming at times. Although the stock market has been the best performing asset class over the long-term, short-term fluctuations can leave many investors worried about the security of their hard-earned savings.

In order to engage in profitable stock market investing, you need to have up to date, actionable information. Scroll down to our latest articles, including top market insights, trend analyses, and forward-thinking stock ideas for your portfolio.

For more information on stock market investing and the strategies professionals use to overcome risk and uncertainty in the stock market, check out our free report, Understanding the Stock Market: How to Buy Stocks and other Market Basics.

The Year That Never Was

One of my favorite war stories is “The Man Who Never Was,” about a British scheme to deceive the Nazis during World War II by planting misinformation about an upcoming invasion on a corpse made to appear to be a drowned naval officer, the non-existent Royal Marine Major William Martin. When the body washed ashore, […]

How Low Can We Go?

Several measures say much lower, but not for all stocks. 

How to Ride Out the Market’s Slide

This week’s snowstorm across much of the eastern half of the country has been accompanied by the usual clips of cars sliding backwards down icy roads. Those are sickening sights, but not as sickening as watching global stock markets sliding backwards, pushed by China’s slowing economy and plummeting commodity prices. No matter how hard the […]

The China Bogeyman

The country has spooked markets but not for the reasons you think.

China Syndrome: The Sequel

Like a bad movie sequel, this week’s China-inspired stock market swoon may turn out to be worse than the original 2015 summer blockbuster. In August the U.S. stock market dropped more than 10% after China’s initial foray into letting its currency float in an attempt to shore up its flagging economy. Cheaper currency, in theory, […]

The Market: Ready to Pop

Signs are everywhere that Americans have tired of playing the “long game” in dealing with the global financial crisis that erupted seven years ago. One way to judge how satisfied (or not) society is with the current condition is by the choices it makes. And right now, those choices are telling us that most people […]

Goodbye ‘New Normal’ and Good Riddance

Some heartland U.S. cities’ economies are heating up, finally.

Lean Away from the Rate Rise

A couple of weeks ago Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen said she was “looking forward” to the prospect of raising interest rates this month, since that would indicate of an improving economy. I’d like to believe she was sincere in that sentiment, but I can’t help but wonder if she was using her bully pulpit to […]

Silver Linings in Oil’s Collapse

Just when you thought it could go no lower, the price of oil slipped again this week. On Tuesday it fell below $37 a barrel and Big Oil stocks felt even more pain, as did the Dow generally, off 245 points.A host of bad economic news comes with oil’s plummet from $100 a barrel a […]

The Sun Always Rises

Don’t panic, but a recession is inevitable.

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