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Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can be overwhelming at times. Although the stock market has been the best performing asset class over the long-term, short-term fluctuations can leave many investors worried about the security of their hard-earned savings.

In order to engage in profitable stock market investing, you need to have up to date, actionable information. Scroll down to our latest articles, including top market insights, trend analyses, and forward-thinking stock ideas for your portfolio.

For more information on stock market investing and the strategies professionals use to overcome risk and uncertainty in the stock market, check out our free report, Understanding the Stock Market: How to Buy Stocks and other Market Basics.

The Bubble You Know Is Better than the Bubble You Don’t

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest panelist on the Fresh Outlook business news program, where we discussed if the Fed’s massive quantitative easing program created a “bubble” in the U.S. financial markets. Given trillions of dollars were pumped into the economy following the 2008-2009 stock market crash, is the asset […]

Why Black Friday Doesn’t Matter

Don’t be fooled by shopping projections.

Will the Real Job Market Please Stand Up?

Recent employment data highlights the duality of U.S. economy.

Fed Hints at December Rate Hike

During her congressional testimony on Nov. 4, Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen suggested a December rate hike is likely following the release of a strong jobs report earlier in the week. Noting that recent economic strength brings the threat of inflation back into the equation, Yellen qualified her remarks by stipulating that an employment-based rate […]

When Good News Isn’t So Good

The economy has been so weak for so long we’re anchored to low expectations.

The Lessons of Chapter 11

The surprise bankruptcy filing by solar industry supplier GT Advanced Technologies cost some investors much too much. Here’s how to avoid the next wipeout.

What to Expect From the Third Quarter Earnings Season

Expectations have been lowered for the recently concluded quarter, but the market has mostly shrugged.

Canadian Coffee Giant Still Looking to Score in the U.S.

Tim Hortons, an icon north of the border, has struggled to attract American fans. But it hopes to go on the power play with a new CEO.

3 Ways to Make the Best Stock Investments

We sample the work of two of investing’s greatest minds see what it tells us about making the best stock investments for long-term gains.

An Investor’s Guide to the German Election Results

A big win for the leader of Europe’s strongest economy will help keep the continent’s recovery on track. Here’s a look at what lies ahead.

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