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Stocks to Watch

Stocks to Watch is Investing Daily’s number one daily offering for investors looking to gain the maximum edge for their portfolio. Full of unique, fresh market insights, Stocks to Watch delivers actionable guidance on the most profitable investment opportunities from today’s headlines.

Check out the Stocks to Watch archive below for in-depth tips and strategies on investing profitably in today’s market. You will uncover how legislation is affecting the economy, where the highest yields are hiding, where strong fundamentals are being overlooked, and much more.

If you’re looking for the latest ideas to invigorate your portfolio, Stocks to Watch is the best place to start.

An Interview With Linda McDonough

Investing Daily's Director of Portfolio Strategy Jim Pearce recently sat down for a one-on-one interview with Linda McDonough to discuss her “Profit Catalyst” trading strategy.

An $8 Stock You Should Buy Now

There’s nothing like getting in on the ground floor of a brand new market.Just ask investors in Skyworks Solutions.In less than four years, it ripped off a gain of 679% for investors.Think about that for a moment: if you’d put $10,000 into this tiny supplier to the smartphone industry back at the right time, you […]

[Options Bootcamp] Want Market Crash Insurance?

We continue our “Options Boot Camp” with the remainder of an interview with options expert Jim Fink. Today, Jim discusses how to use options as an “insurance policy” against a market crash.Bob: Jim, given recent market turbulence many conservative investors are concerned about the possibility of another major market crash.Is buying options a good strategy […]

[Breaking] Billionaire Investors Render Verdict On Climate Change

There are only a few hours left to profit from the biggest power shift since Americans dumped their oil lamps and plugged-in electric lights.

How This Weapon From 200 B.C. is Worth Billions Today

A series of breakthroughs now make it possible to continue generating power right through a string of cloudy days.

This Proves Why Solar Energy Is an Unstoppable Megatrend

Oil prices are plunging and yet solar power continues to thrive. We explain the dynamics behind solar’s inexorable rise

Profit From This Booming New Market

There's nothing like getting in on the ground floor of a brand new market.

Worried About Market Volatility? Follow This Advice From The 5 Greatest Investors Ever

As financial headlines grow dire and global markets wildly gyrate, let’s turn to the five best “money minds” of all time for insights and guidance

These Strange Signals Are Leading to Windfall Gains

What if I told you I’d found a way to discover a stock’s moves before they happen? I know. Sounds like something out of Back to the Future, right? It’s anything but. In fact, what I’m going to reveal to you today is something I’ve been working on my entire investing career. I call it […]

This Stock Is Poised to Rocket 64% Higher On Imminent Events

Biotechnology stocks are enticing because they can generate enormous gains in a short amount of time. They have an uncanny tendency to skyrocket on positive earnings or regulatory events.But it’s a two-edged sword. These stocks also entail greater risk, because negative news can cause a biotech to tank.Therein lies the challenge: How can investors get […]

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