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Stocks to Watch

Stocks to Watch is Investing Daily’s number one daily offering for investors looking to gain the maximum edge for their portfolio. Full of unique, fresh market insights, Stocks to Watch delivers actionable guidance on the most profitable investment opportunities from today’s headlines.

Check out the Stocks to Watch archive below for in-depth tips and strategies on investing profitably in today’s market. You will uncover how legislation is affecting the economy, where the highest yields are hiding, where strong fundamentals are being overlooked, and much more.

If you’re looking for the latest ideas to invigorate your portfolio, Stocks to Watch is the best place to start.

The Latest DARPA-Backed Invention to Make Early Investors Rich

If you know of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) you know it’s responsible for some of mankind’s greatest inventions. That’s no wonder when you consider its mission: to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.Since 1958, the creative innovators at the Pentagon’s research arm have radically changed the world, and our […]

New technology gives hope to millions (and could lead to a windfall for investors)

Army sergeant Theresa Hannigan was left paralyzed by an autoimmune disease.Each day was a struggle…She was unable to walk, and confined to a wheelchair.But her life changed for the better almost immediately when she began testing an emerging technology called an “exoskeleton” at her local VA hospital.“There are so many things that I have missed […]

How We Made 117.39% In Under 4 Days

Have you heard about the new trade I’m releasing tomorrow morning?If it’s anything like my recent trade on, we’ll be up more than 100% before breakfast this Friday.That’s because I’m using a unique new trading system: one that accurately predicts—then quickly multiplies—the gains of regular stocks.If you haven’t seen my presentation on this breakthrough […]

These Unique Signals Are Leading to Windfall Gains

What if I told you I’d found a way to discover a stock’s moves before they happen?I know. Sounds like something out of Back to the Future, right?It’s anything but.In fact, what I’m going to reveal to you today is something I’ve been working on my entire investing career.I call it the Profit Multiplier System—and […]

The Investment That Works Like A Paycheck

What if you could get a weekly “paycheck” from your investments?Where every single week, you collect an up-front deposit of $1,150, $1,692.50, or even as much as $2,800?Today I’d like to show you…How an underutilized investment technique can produce a $1,692.50 “paycheck” every weekHow thousands of regular people are using itThe 3 simple steps that […]

Jim Fink: Thousands of people could make $100,000 this way too…

The following is an interview with master trader Jim Fink, an expert in income investing strategies. We sat down to discuss a unique income technique that he has used for several decades.Jim, you’ve adopted an interesting strategy of “scheduling” trades that you make on a weekly basis. Can you tell us why?Sure. My goal in developing this approach was to […]

From The Presidential Election to Bad Breadth: How to Play Patterns in the Markets

The incomprehensibly vast galaxy Andromeda has the same spiral shape as a tiny nautilus seashell on the beach.A sped-up film of cars speeding through highways closely resembles blood pumping through human arteries.And just as you can find patterns like this in nature, you can find patterns in the markets. Below is a snapshot of a […]

“Pit Trader” Investing Secret Revealed

I wasn’t even working in the investment business.In fact, investing was the furthest thing from my mind.I had just earned my law degree from Columbia and joined a prestigious law firm in Chicago.The hours were terrible and the work was tedious… though it felt good to earn a large salary.But then fate stepped in.Something happened that would […]

How to Make Big Money from Natural Patterns

From the spiral swirls of seashells and galaxies to the pulsating flow of highway traffic and the human bloodstream, we’re surrounded by natural patterns every day.Why are we talking about this?You see, markets have their own patterns and cycles too, and we’re following a natural tendency in the markets right now that almost no one […]

3 asymmetric investing “bets” in action

As we discussed yesterday, the math behind “asymmetric” investing is compelling…Perhaps the sector that’s most illustrative of its effectiveness is biotechnology.Let’s consider a hypothetical portfolio comprised of three well-known Big Pharma stocks: Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), Merck (NYSE: MRK), and Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT).Scrutinizing their fundamentals (balance sheets, expected operating results, historical earnings “surprises”), we can perhaps […]

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