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Stocks to Watch

Stocks to Watch is Investing Daily’s number one daily offering for investors looking to gain the maximum edge for their portfolio. Full of unique, fresh market insights, Stocks to Watch delivers actionable guidance on the most profitable investment opportunities from today’s headlines.

Check out the Stocks to Watch archive below for in-depth tips and strategies on investing profitably in today’s market. You will uncover how legislation is affecting the economy, where the highest yields are hiding, where strong fundamentals are being overlooked, and much more.

If you’re looking for the latest ideas to invigorate your portfolio, Stocks to Watch is the best place to start.

Japan Recession: Best Stocks to Play a Recovery

Japan's economy is currently suffering a boatload of hurt, but savvy investors like Warren Buffett are already looking beyond the current recession to pick up Japanese stocks in the bargain bin.

3 Stock Plungers

The stock market has hit an air pocket and is in decline, at least temporarily. Retail and tech stocks are leading the way down. One industry group that is bucking the downward trend: master limited partnerships (MLPs). The reason for their outperformance is simple; they keep raising their cash distributions.

LinkedIn IPO Skyrockets: Huge Success or Shareholder Ripoff?

Jim argues that a huge IPO price pop is a sign of failure, not success. Long-term investors in LinkedIn should be very angry at both the investment banks involved and LinkedIn's corporate executives.

Building the Emerging World: Interview with Fund Manager Aaron Visse

Aaron Visse of the Forward Funds says the future is bright for emerging-market infrastructure investments.

13F Filings: Superstar Investors Buys and Sells

Mid-May means 13F filing season, which allows us to peek into the investing minds of the world's greatest investors. Biotech, industrial, and agriculture stocks are in favor while financials are not.

NYSE Euronext Falls 15% as Nasdaq OMX Withdraws Bid

Nasdaq OMX's decision to withdraw its takeover bid for NYSE Euronext may be good news for the shareholders of LSE Group and CBOE Holdings.

Equal-Weighted Index ETFs: Pros and Cons

Equal-weighted index ETFs are all the rage, but will they continue to outperform their market-cap weighted competitors in the future?

Europe’s Debt Crisis Means U.S. Dollar Will Rally

For the first time in a long time, it may be smart to invest in things that benefit from a strengthening U.S. dollar.

Cisco Systems Disappoints Investors Again

Cisco warns again, but a bottom for the stock is coming into focus.

U.S. Housing Market is in a Double-Dip Recession

With the U.S. housing market hitting new lows, it's time to look up north to Canada for investment ideas.

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