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Stocks to Watch

Stocks to Watch is Investing Daily’s number one daily offering for investors looking to gain the maximum edge for their portfolio. Full of unique, fresh market insights, Stocks to Watch delivers actionable guidance on the most profitable investment opportunities from today’s headlines.

Check out the Stocks to Watch archive below for in-depth tips and strategies on investing profitably in today’s market. You will uncover how legislation is affecting the economy, where the highest yields are hiding, where strong fundamentals are being overlooked, and much more.

If you’re looking for the latest ideas to invigorate your portfolio, Stocks to Watch is the best place to start.

Municipal Bonds: Interview with Fund Manager Chris Ryon of Thornburg

Chris Ryon of the Thornburg Funds describes the values to be found in tax-free municipal bonds. Investor fears of government defaults are -- for the most part -- overblown.

Best Stocks for the British Royal Wedding

Jim may not be a fan of the monarchy, but even he admits that the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a lot of fun to watch. Are there any stocks that may benefit from all this British pomp and circumstance?

Industry Sector Seasonality: Protect Yourself From the Summer Swoon

May 1st is only three days away and that brings to the fore the old Wall Street adage "Sell in May and Go Away." But the summer stock market can actually be quite profitable if you know which industry sectors to avoid.

Ford Motor is Hitting on All Cylinders

The future for Ford Motor and all of the U.S. carmakers looks very bright, but short-term caution is warranted.

AES Acquires DPL in an All-Cash Deal: A Risky Utility Merger

Electric utilities are supposed to be boring, but AES is a wild cowboy looking for more thrills outside the U.S. Buying Ohio's cash-flow-rich DPL is a way for AES to finance its international adventures.

Posco Earnings Disappoint: Global Steel Demand in Trouble?

Posco is the world's third-largest steel manufacturer and its first-quarter earnings were less than stellar. But that's so yesterday. Jim thinks the future of steel looks bright.

MLPs Keep Raising Their Cash Payouts

Looking for companies that are boosting their cash distributions each and every quarter? Look no further than MLPs. If you want specific names, read on.

PIMCO Total Return ETF is Coming Soon

The good news is that Bill Gross will be managing a fixed-income ETF similar to the market-beating PIMCO Total Return Fund. The bad news is that the ETF won't be identical to the PIMCO Total Return Fund.

Gold Hits $1500 Per Ounce

If you think gold is topping out at $1,500, you are much more optimistic about the U.S. Dollar than Jim is.

Chinese Internet Stocks Up Big: Get Ready for the Facebook of China

Chinese Internet stocks are on fire right now. Jim names names, including information on when the "Facebook of China" is slated to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. It's happening sooner than you may think!

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