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Stocks to Watch

Stocks to Watch is Investing Daily’s number one daily offering for investors looking to gain the maximum edge for their portfolio. Full of unique, fresh market insights, Stocks to Watch delivers actionable guidance on the most profitable investment opportunities from today’s headlines.

Check out the Stocks to Watch archive below for in-depth tips and strategies on investing profitably in today’s market. You will uncover how legislation is affecting the economy, where the highest yields are hiding, where strong fundamentals are being overlooked, and much more.

If you’re looking for the latest ideas to invigorate your portfolio, Stocks to Watch is the best place to start.

Bed Bath & Beyond Falls Out of Bed

The home-furnishings superstore is facing stiff competition from the Internet, causing its stock to fall 17% in a single day.

Burger King IPO: Is Its Private-Equity Backing a Red Flag?

Investors are suspicious of companies brought public by private equity firms. Academic research says such fears are misplaced. Still, Jim wouldn't buy Burger King.

Financial Stocks: Overcome Your Biases and Buy

Financial stocks have suffered thanks to investor biases. Intrepid investors who take advantage of these irrational biases can profit, according to one mutual fund manager.

Not All Earnings are Created Equal: Follow the Cash

Stocks of companies that report earnings based substantially on non-cash accruals underperform the stocks of companies that report earnings based mostly on cash.

Top Fund Managers Tip Their Favorite Holdings

Don't get bogged down in the financial media mire. Instead, seek out the stocks most commonly held by mutual funds that consistently beat the market while incurring less risk.

How to Buy Stocks at a Discount and Never Pay Retail Again: Use Stock Options

Why pay full price when you can buy stocks on sale using stock options? Well, there is one reason, but it's not a dealbreaker.

Presidential Election Years are Good for the Stock Market

Although there is plenty of bad economic news available to scare investors, the second half of presidential election years is historically positive for stocks.

Betting on the Next Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has an enviable track record, but two stocks with similar investment philosophies but lower market caps may offer better future returns.

McDermott Insider Buying: Signal that Energy Stocks Have Bottomed?

Energy stocks have underperformed the S&P 500 for a year now and technicians are calling for an energy bear market. Somebody forgot to tell energy insiders.

Exelon’s Analyst Day Presentation Causes Stock Gyrations

Exelon's recent price volatility reflects investor uncertainty about the company's near-term earnings power. But the long-term outlook for this nuclear power utility is positive.

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