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Utility Stocks

Utility stocks are the ultimate investment for risk-averse investors seeking to create passive income streams via reliable dividends. Utility stocks can be an essential component of your portfolio as they will not only keep your income steady during dangerous economic times, they are usually the first to soar out of recessionary times.

The Utility Stocks archive below includes the latest commentary and analysis on the most important developments affecting the essential services sectors, including water, communications, energy, and other key infrastructure industries. Find out which utility stocks are poised to benefit from ongoing developments in the utility sector and which to avoid.

Be sure to also check out our free report, Dividend Blacklist: 6 Utility Stocks You Should Sell Today to find out if your dividend is in danger.

Comcast’s Bid for the Content Throne

The cable company knows that content is king.

Avoiding the YieldCo Debacle

Since the beginning, we’ve told investors to steer clear of these gimmicky, unproven investments.

Canadians Make Yet Another Run for the Border

There’s been a flurry of cross-border deals in recent months.

The Belt Gets Tighter for Canada’s Energy Sector

Oil and gas producers are doing what it takes to endure the downturn.

Utilities Race Ahead of Earnings

The sector has had a great run so far this year, despite lackluster fourth-quarter earnings.

Cashing In on Utility Merger Mania

Sometimes it’s more profitable to sell when a utility merger occurs, as these transactions often fail to deliver long-term shareholder value.

The Great Gas Grab Goes Midstream

Utilities and other acquirers are looking for attractive midstream pipeline infrastructure without the taint of excessive leverage.

Another Day, More M&A

It’s starting to feel like the entire utilities sector is in play.

Politics & Power: A Primer on the Primaries

We look at primary candidates’ energy policies and detail their implications for utility stocks.

The Preferred Road to Income

Preferred stocks can offer higher yields and greater security than their common-stock counterparts.

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