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Utility Stocks

Utility stocks are the ultimate investment for risk-averse investors seeking to create passive income streams via reliable dividends. Utility stocks can be an essential component of your portfolio as they will not only keep your income steady during dangerous economic times, they are usually the first to soar out of recessionary times.

The Utility Stocks archive below includes the latest commentary and analysis on the most important developments affecting the essential services sectors, including water, communications, energy, and other key infrastructure industries. Find out which utility stocks are poised to benefit from ongoing developments in the utility sector and which to avoid.

Be sure to also check out our free report, Dividend Blacklist: 6 Utility Stocks You Should Sell Today to find out if your dividend is in danger.

Chasing Yield

Fear-driven selling has left this collection of high-quality companies yielding 7, 8 and 9 percent. Here's the secret to chasing yield.

Going Nuclear

Southern Company (NYSE: SO) will use federal loan guarantees to finance two nuclear reactors on its site in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Worries Great and Small

The retrenchment in the bond market looks a lot more like a reaction to the threat that fear of a European contagion will set off an investor stampede.

Fools Rush Out

After a decade of de-leveraging UF Portfolio recommendations are built to endure any and all wrenches the market throws at them.

Regulation in the Age of Obama

The president is responding radically to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Circumstances suggest the administration will tread more lightly when it comes to telecom and CO2.


How’s Your Leverage?

The businesses backing Utility Forecaster Portfolio stocks have shed a lot of debt since 2001, when Enron provided the sector its own private Lehman Brothers.

Buy Stocks, Not Bonds

Investors love bonds right now, despite the fact that yields are hardly attractive. Dividends paid by solid utilities are safer, however, and offer considerably more upside.

The Global Advantage

Investing in overseas utilities confers the same advantages of predictable cash flow. But foreign jurisdictions aren't as unsettled when it comes to regulation and taxation. Go abroad for high income and currency gains.

Stick with Stocks

Several Portfolio recommendations, particularly high-yielding Canadian trusts and MLPs, have bounced around a bit. Volatility doesn't alter the fact that these companies continue to report solid operating results.

The Bond Bubble

The recent rush to sell new debt and the voracious consumption of these issues raises questions about whether bond buyers really are more savvy than equity investors. Today's yield simply don't adequately compensate you for prevailing risks.

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