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Utility Stocks

Utility stocks are the ultimate investment for risk-averse investors seeking to create passive income streams via reliable dividends. Utility stocks can be an essential component of your portfolio as they will not only keep your income steady during dangerous economic times, they are usually the first to soar out of recessionary times.

The Utility Stocks archive below includes the latest commentary and analysis on the most important developments affecting the essential services sectors, including water, communications, energy, and other key infrastructure industries. Find out which utility stocks are poised to benefit from ongoing developments in the utility sector and which to avoid.

Be sure to also check out our free report, Dividend Blacklist: 6 Utility Stocks You Should Sell Today to find out if your dividend is in danger.

Energy: Another View

Even after the catastrophic plunge in energy prices and producer stocks since summer 2008, despite almost universally gloomy forecasts for global economic growth and in spite of an apparent supply glut heading into “shoulder season,” I’m still long-term bullish on energy.

The Real Thing

Bear market rally or the real thing? That seems to be the question on the mind of every investor I’ve talked to recently.

There are plenty of arguments to be made on both sides. Stocks of companies that are resisting this recession and paying big dividends are selling at valuations typically seen at bear market bottoms. Sentiment has improved over the past week but is still the gloomiest on record, again a classic bottom sign.

Cap-and-Trade: What It Means

In the end, the best chance of passing CO2 regulation in this Congress rests with the Illinois “mafia,” the home staters favorite son Obama brought with him to the White House. The most powerful of these--Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel--has already succeeded once in advancing coal interests, inserting record funding for clean coal technology development in the stimulus package.

Epic Yields

Market history shows that such emotional lows and rock-bottom valuations for quality companies also resolve in surging prices. And that’s a pretty key fact to keep in mind when the market action gets as wild and wooly as it has over the past couple of weeks.

High-Yield Traps and Treats

Thanks to six years-plus of slashing operating risk and debt, utilities have been an island of strength in these troubled times, which have shaken icons in other industries to their cores. But even essential service companies have suffered some casualties in this bear market.

Rate Watch

Customer complaints against regulated utilities are on the rise across the nation. That’s typical for recessions, but it could spell trouble for some utilities looking for rate increases, particularly if they really need the capital.

NV Energy

Gaming, mining and climate are three big reasons Nevada continues to grow. That’s increasingly benefitting the state’s regulated power utility NV Energy (NYSE: NVE), formerly Sierra Pacific Resources.

Dire Conditions, Dramatic Action

GM’s demise arguably began with decades of mismanagement, long before the current recession and financial crisis kicked in. Unfortunately, it’s hardly the only victim of what’s already turned into the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression.

Politics and Stress Testing

Sooner or later, all that money coming into the system is going to boost economic growth. We’re almost certainly going to see more pain until that happens. But as fourth quarter earnings results have demonstrated thus far, the weak are the ones getting weaker.

Utility Beat: Strong and Weak

At its peak in early 2000, Canadian phone equipment maker Nortel (TSX: NT, NYSE: NT) sold for a split-adjusted price of $900. Last month, it filed Chapter 11, due to a combination of collapsing sales, $12 billion in total liabilities and a wave of lawsuits.

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