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Stock Spotlights

By Benjamin Shepherd, Jim Pearce and Philip Springer on June 28, 2013

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Are you a

sophisticated investor

in need of

comprehensive investment advice?

If so, the Investing Daily Wealth Society is just the ticket…

You've worked hard to achieve a level of financial security that most others can only dream of. Now that you have it, we'd like to help you manage it prudently by giving you unlimited access to all of our oustanding investment research at one bundled price. We call it our "Wealth Society," and we limit membership to 1% of our total subscribers.

As a member of our Wealth Society, you have complete access to all of our publications, without restriction. Every article, portfolio, alert, and announcement we issue is available to you 24/7 on our members-only website. And every business day we email you Wealth Society Confidential, a digest of all new items published during the previous 24 hours. 

You will also have access to our Wealth Society Portfolios, what we consider to be the best stock picks from all of our publications for both aggressive and conservative investors. Of course, you will always be able to view each of our individual publications and their recommended portfolios for additional investment ideas.

Investing Daily has been publishing investment research for 40 years, and during that time we have learned a thing or two about building wealth through all types of market conditions. We don't allow ourselves to succumb to the latest financial fad or untested economic theory. Instead, we stick to the basics and comb through the haystack of investment opportunities to identify the star performers that will deliver consistent results for your portfolio.

It takes a very deep bench to provide excellent coverage across the entire stock market, which is exactly what we have assembled at Investing Daily. Our team of analysts has over 200 years of combined experience, each with a specific expertise to complement the others. Not only is our analyst team very good at what they do, but they also understand that your needs come first. We may be the only investment research publishing firm that abides by a written code of conduct so our subscribers know exactly what to expect from us.

Our Pledge to You

We, the team of Investing Daily analysts, pledge that we will:

  • Work tirelessly to offer you proven, unbiased wealth-building strategies based on our more than 250 years of combined investment expertise;
  • Respect your investing goals and quickly inform you of emerging threats to your financial security;
  • Listen carefully to your feedback and questions and respond promptly; and
  • Honor the trust that you place in us.

So while we can’t promise that every single recommendation we make will be a winner, we do promise to do everything in our power to provide you with consistently profitable advice. To do that, we also offer these additional members-only benefits:

  • Free attendance to our annual Investing Summit. Every year we host a two-day conference for our Wealth Society members to meet our analyst team in person and discuss current investment topics. This is your chance to meet our analysts face-to-face to discuss whatever financial concerns are most important to you.
  • Monthly online chats. Each month the lead analysts for each of our premium publications respond to your questions on their specific recommendations.

  • Direct email access to our analysts. If you have a pressing question that can't wait until the next monthly chat, you can email it directly to the appropriate analyst for a quick response.  

  • Exclusive articles from guest experts. In addition to having access to every article from all of our publications, we also invite guest experts to submit articles on a wide variety of investment topics of interest to you. 

  • Special Reports from every publication. When any of our publications issues a new Special Report, we will post it to the Wealth Society website for your immediate review. These reports include new stock recommendations and timely insight on market factors that could affect your portfolio. 

  • Dedicated Wealth Society Director. If you need help understanding how to put the power of the Wealth Society to work for you, our Director, Jim Pearce, will give you a personal tour to make sure you get the most out of it.

  • Concierge-level customer service. Have a question about your account, or need an answer to a billing question? Our most experienced customer service team members are here to help you out.

  • Free access to any new services we launch. That's right. Your membership includes access to the 1 - 3 new investing services we launch each year. A few are in development right now.

As you can see, we have done everything we can to help you get the most out of our extensive resources. If you are a serious investor in need of professional advice, membership in our Wealth Society is the perfect way to get everything you need from a trusted source.

Try the Investing Daily Wealth Society

Membership in the Investing Daily Wealth Society is limited. Please call Director Jim Pearce at (703) 905-4571(703) 905-4571 to discuss your candidacy.

I invite you to join the hundreds of other Investing Daily subscribers who have upgraded to our Wealth Society by taking advantage of our generous trial offer. I know you will find it to be one of the best investments you have ever made in building your wealth. I look forward to counting you among our elite Wealth Society members. Join us now!

Yours in Profits,

Phil Ash Signature
Phillip A. Ash
President, Investing Daily