It’s 2016: Do You Know What’s In Your Portfolio?

If you’re into cult classics, you’ll remember a pivotal scene from the 1969 movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. 

The scene?

Butch is forced into a knife fight with a thug. Before they begin, Butch insists on knowing the rules. To which the thug responds:

“Rules? In a knife fight? NO RULES!

That was all Butch needed to know. He delivers a powerful kick to… well, you get it. The fight was over.

This scene reminded me of the investment atmosphere in 2016. This year there are no “rules”.

At a minimum, the conventional rules of play have changed considerably.

Just weeks ago the Federal Reserve ushered in a new era of rising interest rates….marking the end of a 30 year era for investors. Meanwhile corporations continue to hoard cash… and stock prices have tripled in the past six and a half years while the US economy limps along.

Wages and employment participation have stalled. Unbelievably, real estate prices are climbing BEYOND their 2007 highs in some metropolitan areas–to the point where they again represent an unsustainable portion of a person’s take home pay.

And with a pivotal Presidential election on tap later this year, and new geopolitical risks at every turn, defending yourself from a Butch Cassidy-style kick to your portfolio might seem impossible.

But as they say, the best defense is a strong offense…

The fact is, there are sound opportunities to be found even in the most turbulent times.

You just have to know where to look.

More importantly, you have to know HOW to look.

At Investing Daily, we’ve recognized this need for a while. And over the last few months, we’ve brought on board a very special “secret weapon” to help.

Her name is Linda McDonough, and for the past 25 YEARS, with her deep research skills, unorthodox data analysis methods, and her almost intuitive understanding of the markets, she’s been providing strategic stock recommendations to major hedge funds.

Bottom line? She’s a gem.

And now as an indispensable senior investment analyst for Investing Daily, she’ll be providing those same strategic insights for us. And more importantly, FOR YOU.

Linda has some amazing perspectives on the market, as well as a research and stock picking strategy/method which is a “must know” right now.

You’re operating at a disadvantage without it.

Tomorrow, as part of our 2016 Strategy Week at Investing Daily, Linda will be conducting a special webinar presentation on her strategy, and you’re invited to attend. To sign up, click here now.

Linda plans to cover a lot on this webinar. First, you’ll get a  full overview of Linda’s strategy for 2016, an approach you’ll be able to use yourself this year by the time she’s done. You’ll also learn about a proprietary “launchpad” indicator she looks for as part of her overall Profit Catalyst system … plus a surprise announcement EVERY INVESTOR should hear about her top stock idea for 2016.

Again, Linda’s insights are particularly relevant for anyone, from the independent investor to professional portfolio managers. You owe it to yourself to attend tomorrow.

Best of all, there’s no charge at all to be a part of this timely and valuable webinar. But for obvious reasons, seats are extremely limited. Go ahead and register here right now before someone takes your spot.

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Stock Talk

Karl Eser

Karl Eser

Jim – Is the Strategy Week webinar available to Wealth Society members. When I click on the sign up link I get a message that the page is not available.

Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce


Not sure why that is, but I’ll ask our IT guys if they can put a link to it under the resources tab of the PC website. In the meantime, I believe everything discussed in that webinar is also included in this member guide:


Wayne Bryant

Wayne Bryant

I’m wanting to talk to Jim,I would like to be part of theAlpha cell could you tell me how to get started. Thanks. Wayne Bryant

Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce

I think you are referring to Smart Tech Investor, which recently recommended a trio of biomed companies involved in fighting cancer. You can get a subscription to STI by going to the STI website and then following instructions from there. After that, go to the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of the STI website and then click on ‘Special Reports’ for a description of the three companies. Thank you.

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