Can This Single Shot Really “Kill Cancer Dead”?

A new therapy is in developing that’s promising to be a real hope for the war on cancer, as well as a windfall opportunity for certain investors.

“Alpha Cells” are one of the most exciting medical developments in years.

Unlike chemo or radiation, they harness your body’s immune system to identify and kill tumors—without harming healthy cells.

Back when I was finishing my medical residency in the early ‘80s, ideas like this were all just theory.

Now it’s not just a reality—it’s already saving lives.

“Alpha Cells” have been known as the “conductor of the immune system orchestra.”

Or the “general of the immune system army.”

Think of cancer as a powerful enemy within the gates. And whereas most new cancer therapies send out a platoon or squad against it—and lose—“Alpha Cells” instead command our body’s entire armed defenses.

That includes killer T-Cells, B-Cells, macrophages—pretty much every anti-cancer cell in our body.

Immune fighters that are lying dormant because the cancer cells have either evaded or deactivated them.

Only “Alpha Cells” are able to rally them to attack—eliminating cancer throughout the body.

That’s what makes this approach so unique. And why this cellular discovery of “Alpha Cells” won the Nobel Prize.

The problem is, our bodies don’t make enough “Alpha Cells” to mount a significant immune response against cancer.

So our immune system sits idle, like an army without a leader, as cancer cells wreak havoc on our bodies.

“Alpha Cells” change all of that.

Scientists put them back into action using this new therapy.

First, scientists isolate “Alpha Cells” and train them to identify and target cancer cells.

Then they marshal our T-Cell and B-Cell immune fighters against the cancer.

But it gets even better…

Here’s why so many patients are experiencing complete remission after an “Alpha Cells” treatment.

It Doesn’t Just Destroy Cancer Cells…It Makes Sure They Never Return

You see, “Alpha Cells” reprogram our immune system for a foolproof adaptive response to future cancer threats.

What does this mean?

Imagine your home is invaded by a burglar, but you’re able to scare him off.

Then you buy a security system for your home, so you’re better prepared the next time. That’s an adaptive response.

Your immune system also learns from its encounters with invaders—and then prepares for the next round.

It does this by “remembering” how to distinguish an invader from a harmless cell. That way it can pick the invader out in a crowd and head right for it.

Duke researchers compare “Alpha Cells” to “most wanted” posters for the immune system since they tell the killer T-cells exactly which antigens to go after.

Think again of the invader in your home. Imagine you were able to get his picture. Or maybe you already had a security system that captured his image on video. You circulate his picture to your neighbors, so next time he’s seen in the neighborhood, he’s reported immediately. He never even gets near your house.

Now that’s a really adaptive response!

And that’s why so many patients have not just defeated cancer, but gone into complete, long-term remission…

Living lives cancer-free for years, even decades.

Hundreds of Clinical Trials Are Proving “Alpha Cells” Can Even Cure Stage 4 Cancer Patients

Clinical trials by some of America’s biggest scientific institutions have confirmed with hard evidence just how powerful this breakthrough is.

Stanford University led the charge with studies right when “Alpha Cells” were first discovered.

The thirty-one lymphoma patients who took part in the 20-year study are still alive today.

The Wall Street Journal called the results a “seismic shift in cancer research.”

Recently, Duke University researchers used “Alpha Cells” to target the ultra-lethal brain cancer—a glioblastoma. (The same cancer Bryan had.)

And the results were incredible…

Remember, these patients have only months to live.

But over half of the patients treated in the Duke study survived for 5 years or longer.

Just imagine. If this therapy can defeat the most lethal, untreatable form of brain cancer, what could it do for other kinds of cancer?

Stanford Professor: “We Could Eliminate Any Cancer”

That’s what a Stanford University research team set out to discover.

Led by Edgar Engelman, M.D., a professor of pathology and medicine at Stanford, they used “Alpha Cells” to destroy six completely different types of cancer.

That includes lung, breast, and pancreatic tumors—you name it.

According to Dr. Engelman, “The potency is impressive. You actually see tumor eradication… Pretty much we could eliminate any cancer.”

The same results are showing up again and again.

Results that are shocking researchers every single time.

It doesn’t matter what type of cancer… how advanced it is… or what treatments the patient has tried before.

“Alpha Cells” can triple or quadruple patient survival time, even give them complete remission.

It’s promising to transform more lives than anything else in development—certainly more than chemo and radiation.

The leaders in science aren’t waiting around.

They’re saving patients’ lives NOW.

And I can tell you without reservation: the company behind this development offers phenomenal upside potential—the biggest and most urgent I’ve ever seen.

It’s creating new hope for over 14 million Americans battling cancer…

As well as the 1.6 million more diagnosed each year.

It’s already allowed thousands of “hopeless” patients to go on to live free of cancer and side effects.

Which is why I believe it’s positioned to become the front-line treatment for all kinds of cancer— replacing chemo and radiation.

And why it could grab a HUGE share of the $91 billion spent every year on cancer care.

All of this is why the tiny stock at the center of this technology is about to take off…

Starting April 30th, 2016—when clinical trials come to completion.

Click here now to get the full story in a special presentation.

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Jerome Rossel

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Jan Bertus Timmer

Jan Bertus Timmer

Can you give mee the name of this company please. I have been diagnoste with Glioblastoma stage 4. I need this fixed now.

Bert Timmer

James Marshall

James Marshall

i believe this is probably Argos Therapeutics, Inc. (ARGS) covered extensively in e.g. seeking Alpha. trades around $5. i’ve been watching it. keep in mind phase II trial results may not be confirmed in phase III trial.

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