[Breaking] Billionaire Investors Render Verdict On Climate Change

There are only a few hours left to profit from the biggest power shift since Americans dumped their oil lamps and plugged-in electric lights.

The free market has decided…and a new Supertrend is taking off.

The new “juice” is already flowing and these stocks are edging up…just a prelude to an unstoppable surge that will create a fresh generation of millionaires and billionaires.

“Old” billionaires (think Buffett, Gates, Soros, et al) have read the tea leaves and have now invested in solar energy—Solar 2.0 to be specific—to the tune of billions.

These investing masters, trust me, are NOT putting their money in Solar 2.0 to make a political point in the climate debate—they EXPECT to make big money.

This is confirmation of a prediction I made just two years ago when I wrote:

“Solar power is destined to become our #1 energy source.

And it’s not too late for you to get in on the action—as long as you act quickly.

I believe we’re at a turning point in history—a national transformation that ranks with the coming of automobiles, airplanes, television, and computers.

You can see it happening—as ever-larger arrays of solar panels spring up everywhere. More importantly, as solar power makes the great leap from rooftops and backyards to powering entire cities.

The facts supporting this trend are staggeringly clear. Solar 2.0 is…

…growing cheaper every year

…developing more breakthrough technologies every year

…adding thousands of customers every day!

And overlooked by the media is this truly historic milestone:

Studies have shown that solar energy can produce electricity CHEAPER than coal, gas or nuclear—and the cost is projected to fall another 40% over the next two years.

And the market is responding to these developments. Take a look at this eye-popping graph from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)…

eia chart

The numbers look like a rocket launch—and they reveal beyond any shadow of a doubt the ongoing, explosive, unstoppable growth of solar-generated power in the U.S.

Would you bet against a Supertrend like that—or would you rather have your wealth strapped to that rocket?

Fortune 500 companies know a major shift when they see one.

Companies like Google, Walmart, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Amazon, General Motors, Facebook and AT&T are going solar.

When a Supertrend is embraced by the nerve center of American capitalism, you know it’s for real.

The U.S. government has placed its bet: a recent bipartisan vote in Congress gave solar power a major shot in the arm by renewing the 30% investment tax credit through 2021.

The days of solar energy being a rooftop and backyard curiosity are gone forever.

And for prescient investors, solar has already proven to be a source of windfall gains…

  • SolarCity turned every $10,000 into $106,090
  • Canadian Solar turned every $10,000 into 208,898
  • SunPower turned every $10,000 into $52,000
  • JinkoSolar turned every $10,000 into $179,595
  • Tesla turned every $10,000 into $160,900

Had you invested $10,000 into each not long ago, you’d be looking at an additional $637,171 in your portfolio right now.

All the signs point to fossil fuels slowly relinquishing their dominance over the energy markets…just as horse-and-buggies gave way to the Model T…and more recently… as PCs are giving way to tablets and smartphones.

When you invest in the Solar Supertrend you’ll be investing with—not against—the future.

To help you off to a fast start I’ve chosen two uniquely positioned investments to help you claim your share of Solar 2.0 and the fast-tracking Solar Supertrend.

Company A eases you into the most profitable division of the company 10 billionaires just bought 100,000+ shares in…and in which Google invested $145 million…plus a slice of the fast-growing wind power industry.

That makes this stock a rare triple-threat buy because you stand to gain from the company’s relationship with (1) the “Google” of solar energy…(2) the overall Solar Supertrend…and (3) the high-velocity growth of wind power.

As if that weren’t enough, you can pick up this insanely undervalued stock at a bargain price today.

Company B puts your money in the thick of the action as utility-scale solar energy transforms from the “little brother” of fossil fuels…to the “800-pound gorilla” in the electric power generating family.

Did you know that utility-scale power is reaching “grid parity” with conventional power?

This company made it happen. They’ve already built two solar power plants generating 550 megawatts each—that’s the equivalent of the average coal or gas power plant. This is an historic achievement largely ignored by the media.

This brilliant company is, hands down, one of the best ways to play the evolution of solar power into a practical, scalable, economical and global source of energy.

How to Get the Full Profitable Story Now
You’ll want to pounce on this opportunity before the markets pick up on the significance of Solar 2.0’s impending domination of the energy markets.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve exhaustively researched these two companies for Energy Strategist readers, and I’m ready to send you my full report free.

It’s called Profit from the Historic Shift to Solar 2.0—America’s Inevitable Solar Future. We’re making it available to anyone who takes The Energy Strategist for a no-risk test run.

But I must repeat that time is of the essence. Wall Street is catching on. We’re shutting this down Saturday evening at 11:59 PM.

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