This $1 Billion “Moonshot” Is Manna for Investors

The race is on for new sources of growth in the biopharma industry, as blockbuster drugs lose patent protection and competitors join forces to cut costs. In fact, the urgency and sums involved are reminiscent of another massive project — the space race that put a man on the moon.

Progress toward a cancer cure is accelerating, and a likely victor is “immunotherapy,” one of the hottest areas of oncology research today.

Immunotherapy involves the use of the human body’s immune system components to treat a disease or disorder, typically cancer. This treatment can complement but often supplants chemotherapy and radiotherapy, both of which entail unpleasant side effects. In effect, immunotherapy pursues the age-old medical dream of allowing the body to be its own physician.

That’s why it’s become a major component of the $1 billion cancer “moonshot” announced in April by President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Outer space is often referred to as the “final frontier,” but you could apply the same description to the war on cancer.

The pressure for drug companies to find untapped growth opportunities is fierce, compelling companies to pursue immunology drugs for the treatment of cancer patients who are failing to respond to existing conventional therapies.

A flood of patent expirations continues to shake up the drug industry, spawning consolidation among the biggest players as they seek economies of scale. The future winners will be research-intensive companies with the strongest drug development pipe­lines and the most innovative treat­ments.

Our own medical expert Dr. Joe Duarte has been following this trend, and he’s pinpointed a pure play on immunology, a field that’s in the vanguard of cancer research. 

With leading-edge immunology treatments in development, this small company should tap long-term growth while its peers struggle with the headwinds of patent expirations and government cost-containment. In fact, we expect an important clinical announcement could come from them as soon as April 30th. To learn more, click here.

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Jim Abraham

Jim Abraham

Is there one particular company we should be looking at to invest in or to follow that is spearheading this therapy

Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question, but just saw it now. No, we do not recommend piling in to only one company in these type of cutting edge technologies since there are so many unforeseeable variables that will influence the ultimate outcome. Instead, we suggest buying a bundle of at least three stocks, such as are described in this special report on this subject: Here is the special report on that topic: Thank you.

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