How Jimmy Carter Is Shaking Up “Big Pharma”

As we’ve been covering recently in Stocks to Watch, a leading edge cancer therapy that uses the human body to heal itself is giving hope to thousands of patients — it even saved the life of a former president.

It’s called “immunotherapy,” which leverages the natural defenses of the human body to fight invading cancer cells. New data released this month provides empirical proof of immunotherapy’s increasing efficacy.

One of immunotherapy’s most notable success stories is former President Jimmy Carter, who last year was diagnosed with advanced melanoma that had spread to his brain. Carter’s treatment with a new immunotherapy drug in combination with radiology eliminated his tumors.

Despite decades of research and the expenditure of many billions of dollars, an urgent need still exists for better treatments to combat the scourge of cancer. The statistics tell a stark story: The global odds of getting stricken with cancer are 44% for men and 38% for women.

Oncologists, the physicians who study, diagnose, and treat cancerous tumors, believe that the most powerful weapons now available in the war on cancer are immunological. This trend positions the right companies for a “biotech bonanza” ahead.

Cancer cells produce antigens, or “biomarkers” that are recognizable by the immune system but which can go undetected during chemotherapy, limiting chemotherapy’s overall efficacy as a tool against cancer.

For the most part, chemotherapy, akin to radiation, doesn’t fully distinguish between “good guy” cells  and the “bad guy” cells. Therefore, chemo-radiation has the potential to affect the whole body, sometimes killing everything equally.

It’s increasingly apparent that what’s needed in this war to overtake cancer is to design a cancer drug that stimulates the induction of billions of T-Cells and B-Cells, the soldiers of the immune system, to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Big Pharma is racing to catch up, while nimble biotech companies that are flying “under the radar” are making the biggest strides. Our team also thinks they present some of the best moneymaking opportunities for biotech investors right now. To learn more about these fast-growing drug companies, click here now.

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