GM Partners With Small Tech Firm To Build Network for Self-Driving Cars

One small tech company is building the vital network that will connect self-driving cars.

And this innovative little company just locked up a new round of contracts—including a groundbreaking partnership with General Motors.

GM wants to connect 7 million vehicles to this self-driving car network.

You’ve probably already heard of OnStar®—GM’s trademarked driving assistance service that’s been in its premium car lines since 1995.

Recent versions of the system use a tandem effort of GPS and sensors to map out a car’s position in detail.

It’s the largest system of its kind currently in use.

GM has been logging all of this valuable mapping data since 2011, recording a billion data points every single day!

That’s an unparalleled achievement.

But while they collected all this data, GM has still been a long way away from doing anything it.

Up to this point they haven’t had the tech know-how or patents to put this data to work.

In short—they didn’t have “Auto-Intelligence”:

  • THIS ESSENTIAL NETWORK connects all self-driving cars—it’s impossible to drive without it, and it’s being built today
  • ONE SMALL TECH COMPANY owns the patents and software—they collect royalties from all competitors and will earn more from everyone (even Google!) when the network expands…
  • IT’S SET TO HIT A TIPPING POINT SOON—shares of this company are expected to ignite when new contract partners are announced

That’s why GM decided to partner with the one small tech company with the ability to make all of this work.

This partnership is set to turn this collection of 7 million GM OnStar cars into a living-breathing real-time “Auto-Intelligence” network.

But it doesn’t stop there.

This small tech company is also partnering with two other major auto manufacturers.

One of these is Volkswagen.

While VW doesn’t have a network-ready service like GM’s OnStar, their line of feature-rich vehicles are ripe for these improvements.

Tens of thousands of VW’s cars will join the network soon.

Now, here’s where things get especially exciting: the third partner in this groundbreaking arrangement hasn’t been announced yet.

Up to this point, most news outlets have been waiting for the full details on this partnership before publishing their biggest stories.

But the moment the third partner is announced, I expect to see giant headlines across the country about these major developments.

Why Less Than 90 Days From Now Auto-Intelligence Will Debut In The Market

Ford’s CEO Bill Ford says: “Self-driving cars are coming.”

GM’s President Dan Ammann says: “We see the future of personal mobility as connected, seamless and autonomous.”

Volvo’s CEO Håkan Samuelsson says: “Our aim is to offer our customers self-driving cars by 2020…”

As you may have already seen in the new ads on TV, Audi is releasing a top-of-the-line new model here in the U.S. that will be able to drive itself during heavy traffic.

GM’s Cadillac division is building a car model with “Super Cruise” control that will also debut in the next few months.

That’s right—very soon you’ll look over and see that the driver next to you is letting the car to do most of the driving.

You’ve probably already heard about Google’s famous little car, which has now logged over 1.6 million miles.

Self-driving cars are already driving thousands of miles on America’s roads each and every day.

All of these features are only possible with Auto-Intelligence.

Investors Need To Get Ready: Because The Era Of Self-Driving Cars Has Already Started

Everything in my analysis points to the fact that the best time to get in is now.

Auto-Intelligence will likely become one of the most significant and profitable tech developments in our lifetime.

Now is the time to get in early—because the one small tech company behind Auto-Intelligence is truly holding the “first-mover” advantage.

The 7-million vehicle GM partnership is just the beginning of many big things to come.

That’s why I’ve gathered up all of my research, distilled the financial data, and assembled a clear overview of the one small tech company behind Auto-Intelligence.

In fact, I’ve put all of these breaking details into a new presentation—it reveals all the profitable details. It’s only available for a short time, I urge you to click here and watch it now.

In the 1990’s, Internet companies like Cisco shot up 74,034% when they created the network that connected computers.

This small tech company could easily do the same as they build the network that connects self-driving cars.

Shares of this small company could even take off in the next 90 days.

Here’s Why You Need to Move on Auto-Intelligence Right Now:

  • The Self-Driving REVOLUTION Is Here—testing is already in full-force on today’s roads, and the impact on safety and efficiency—not to mention the $1.3 trillion in cost savings—ensures these vehicles will arrive at an exponential rate.
  • As We’ve Learned from History, It’s the NETWORK That’ll Make All The Money—just like the computer revolution was really about the network and the Internet, cars must have a network to function.
  • AUTO-INTELLIGENCE Is the Network Technology Driving it All—right now it runs individual features like auto-braking and driving assistance in heavy traffic. It’s going to expand beyond the car and coordinate the entire driving environment.
  • There’s ONE SMALL TECH COMPANY Behind Auto-Intelligence—they have the patents, the first-mover advantage, and the positioning to stay ahead. They’re going to be in 7 million vehicles this year.

The small company behind Auto-Intelligence is holding the most important patents and has 90% of the manufacturing contracts locked up.

They hold 18 key U.S. patents and 6 E.U. patents—and with 28 more U.S. patents pending, and 24 more in the E.U., they’re an unstoppable force in this industry.

All competitors will be following their lead for years to come.

Current contracts are slated to bring 250% growth in sales over the next four years—and that’s just from current contracts, not the new ones being signed weekly.

In essence, this company has a total monopoly on the key technologies fueling the self-driving car revolution.

All current and new competitors will have to pay them for their invaluable intellectual property.

Royalties and licensing are already a major source of revenue for this company… but it’s not hard to imagine how quickly that revenue will grow as demand continues to surge.

I’ve put all of the details behind this company in my new presentation.

I lay out the facts on why this is one of the best investing opportunities I’ve seen in decades—I also provide a market overview and what to look for in the days ahead.

It’s all coming sooner than you think.

Before most investors have time to realize it, this revolution is going to explode.

I urge you to watch my new presentation while there’s still time—click here now.

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Jim Pearce

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Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce

It is the third company highlighted in the report. I agree with you, and have notified the production group to revise that document to make it clear which one is featured in the promo. Thank you.



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Thx Jim..! In the report you listed x3 compagnies but your article was referring to mainly Mobileye, right ?

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Jim Pearce

No, the third company mentioned in the report is the one featured in the article. I realize that is confusing, and have advised our editorial team to always list the featured company first to make it easier for everyone to understand which one it is. Thank you.

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Sailboat guy

I just signed up for the Auto Intelligence report. I see the comments below from back in May and wonder it the report has been changed. I understand that you might not want to mention the stock name in these comments, but I would like to make sure the stock of primary interest is the one identified as “Perfect Harmony”. Please clarify. Thanks

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