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Trades This Easy Should Be IllegalNot long ago, a mysterious signal showed up in Wynn Resort’s stock chart. In just weeks, share prices rose 53%. But you would have left a lot of money on the table… because a simple two-sentence set of instructions would have turned that same 53% gain into a stunning 296% winner. That’s good enough to turn $5,000 into a staggering $19,800. Now, it’s about to happen again. Here’s how to get the profit instructions.


Mark Zuckerberg: This is worth $16.6 million per minute

After spending less than 2 hours with this technology, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was convinced. 

So back in 2014 Facebook purchased a company called Oculus for $2 billion in an acquisition that perplexed much of the market.

Oculus was developing a device that was taking the technology community by storm.

While still in its infancy, this device, known as “The Rift,” promised to bring immersive, interactive content to the average consumer everywhere.

The question, of course, was why Facebook had anything to do with virtual content?

After all, Facebook built its fortune on social media. It was a company in the Internet and software business, not physical hardware.

Well, here’s what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to say about Facebook’s future plans following the acquisition of Oculus:

He said…

“This is just the start. After games, we’re going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences. Imagine enjoying a courtside seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face — just by putting on this device in your home…”

“This is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

“These are just some of the potential uses. By working with developers and partners across the industry, together we can build many more. One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people.”

Needless to say, Zuckerberg is betting big on this device…

Not just with a $2 billion acquisition, but with a long-term business plan for Facebook.

On March 30, 2016, the first of these devices were shipped.

But the real rollout is scheduled in July when millions of pre-orders will be fulfilled.

As millions of these devices are produced…

And as the frenzy surrounding this device reaches a fever pitch — all in 2016. I’ll be following this story very closely.

But not because I’m interested in Facebook shares. Instead, I’ve been following a small technology company providing a crucial component for this device: a special kind of computer chip that processes images for the Oculus Rift.

Better yet, this company has likely found its way into major devices about to be launched by two other technology giants: Microsoft and Google. I’ve created a presentation on this development that’s just been released, click here to see it.

If you’d like to learn more about this development, I’ve just released a brand new presentation with full details on this story. You can view it right now by clicking here.

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Fred -e

Fred -e

I have signed up for the “virtual touch” stocks after viewing the presentation on those several stocks.The
problem I have is this: I don’t have hat list of 5 or six stocks for the VR investing.

Can you send me a list of these stocks? there was one that might be “IMAX) or close to that!??

Thanks for your help.


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