This global investing trend is hitting your local movie theater

Friday night at the movies is about to get A LOT more interesting…

Living up to expectations that it would make a major announcement regarding virtual reality technology at its annual I/O developer conference last week, Google (GOOG) revealed an exciting new partnership with IMAX Corp. (IMAX) that could ultimately reinvent your experience at movie theaters.

The two companies will team up to design an entirely new type of camera system with unprecedented visual capture technology, allowing filmmakers to move beyond simple 3D technology and into a truly immersive experience for movie goers.

According to a press release issued by IMAX, this camera “will deliver the highest-quality, most-immersive virtual reality content to consumers.”

In addition to its use in traditional movie theaters, IMAX will create entertainment “hubs” at other high-traffic public areas such as shopping centers and tourist venues where visitors can don headsets to view VR content.

The first hub will open in Los Angeles later this year, where customers will pay $7 – $10 to view a ten-minute immersive experience that will include video games and short movies.

Although initially targeted at movie producers, the technological advancements made in this type of camera equipment can be shared across all of Google’s other platforms, including its rapidly developing foray into autonomous driving which relies on super-high resolution cameras to detect and interpret an automobile’s surrounding visual environment.

This move by Google and IMAX  amounts to one more step in a multi-year technology megatrend our entire team at Breakthrough Tech Profits is following.  Stay tuned as we cover this trend in more detail in the coming days.

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