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“Pit Trader” Investing Secret Revealed

I wasn’t even working in the investment business.

In fact, investing was the furthest thing from my mind.

I had just earned my law degree from Columbia and joined a prestigious law firm in Chicago.

The hours were terrible and the work was tedious… though it felt good to earn a large salary.

But then fate stepped in.

Something happened that would change my life forever.

One day, as I was walking in Chicago, I bumped into a group of burly men on their way from Happy Hour.

These guys were pit traders at the Chicago Exchange. They looked like this…


These hefty guys in the yellow vests had spent their day shouting and jostling each other over trades.

It was worlds away from the sterile law office I was stuck in every day.

We got to talking, and over time we became friends.

Over time they taught me how they traded, and even how I could do it myself using my own brokerage account.

I appreciated it, but I was focused on my career as a lawyer and didn’t have much spare time. 

But as time went on, something about these guys bugged me.

There I was with an Ivy League law degree sweating away long hours doing something I didn’t really love.

On the other hand, some of these guys didn’t even have a college degree and it didn’t stop them from making millions of dollars.

Plus, they weren’t working very long hours.

I was jealous, so I found some time and eventually started experimenting with what they taught me.

As it happens, computers were about to change everything, and I was doing it at just the right time.

I was one of the very first investors to start using this technique online.

Sadly for my friends, the digital revolution gradually made their job obsolete, and the floor they once traded on isn’t there anymore.

But their technique survived…

It’s just moved to the computer. And now anyone can use it!

I opened my trading account with $50,000—and that’s all I needed (In fact, today you can start with much less and still see amazing results.)

Over the years, I was able to transform my $50,000 into millions using what they taught me.

I even quit my career as a lawyer and started trading full time.

To this day, I continue to build my nest egg using the predictable and consistent approach.

I use my laptop to actually schedule, to the day, gains like $1,100… $1,550… and $2,300.

Every single week.

You can do it too, all you need is a computer and some know-how.

That’s why I’ve put together a presentation that explains everything.

This secret made steady profits for the pit traders of Chicago.

It changed my life, and it can change yours too.

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Retirement Woes Are About to Vanish

Will I have enough money in my retirement years?

That’s the question on the minds of so many Baby Boomers nowadays. But you can set those worries aside.

Because master trader Jim Fink is releasing step-by-step instructions on how to collect a $1,692.50 payment on Thursday… and every Thursday after that.

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