Jim Fink: Thousands of people could make $100,000 this way too…

The following is an interview with master trader Jim Fink, an expert in income investing strategies. We sat down to discuss a unique income technique that he has used for several decades.

Jim, you’ve adopted an interesting strategy of “scheduling” trades that you make on a weekly basis. Can you tell us why?

Sure. My goal in developing this approach was to produce consistent income on a weekly basis, unlike the quarterly dividends most investors are used to. I’ve found that those longer time periods aren’t a frequent enough source of cash for a lot of investors.

This way, one week I might receive a payment for $1,000. Other times it’s more than double that—$2,000, or $2,300, even all the way up to $2,800. It depends on the week.

I schedule each trade ahead of time and the exact amount I make will be determined by each trading situation. I’m obviously always trying to make as much as I can, as long as it doesn’t compromise safety.

I’ve produced winners 85% of the time, so this has been a very reliable strategy over the years.

Can you walk me though an example of a trade you’ve made using this technique?

Certainly. I’ll start by saying that most investors are used to regular stock investing, where you buy a stock and then have to hold those shares for few weeks, months, or even years for the chance to make money. You don’t get “paid” until you finally sell those shares or receive the occasional dividend.

But the this approach does the exact opposite. You collect the money up-front, and so the benefits are immediate.

Let me give you an example from not too long ago.

On February 26th, 2016 I told the investors who follow my service to place a trade on CVS Health (NYSE:CVS).

I sent them two simple sentences of instructions, along with my complete rationale for the trade.

The trade was filled that day, and investors who followed these instructions received an up-front cash payment of $1,050.

As you can see, making a trade and getting paid are the exact same step! So shortly after you enter a trade, you’ll receive a payment in your trading account.

How did you learn this technique?

About 30 years ago I was walking in downtown Chicago, and I came across several of the pit traders who work at the Chicago exchange. Back then they used a similar technique on the trading floor leveraging a certain type of investment contract.

I met these guys and learned the secrets behind how these contracts worked. As it happens, I ended up becoming one of the first investors to use this technique on an online trading platform.

I’ve been using it ever since, and I’ve built a fortune by sticking with it week after week, year after year.

So this technique is something that regular investors can actually do?

Definitely. Every week I share my trades with a small group of investors who follow me step-by-step on each trade.

Obviously, I’ve kept this to a small number of people so that these trades aren’t ruined by an entire crowd rushing into each trade.

But the most interesting thing is that many these investors were just everyday people who had never done something like this before—but that didn’t keep them from learning my technique and using it to collect safe up-front returns.

So far we’re averaging $1,692.50 a week. That’s not something to sniff at, especially when you consider how quickly it adds up as the weeks and months go by.

In fact, many of the investors who follow my trades have made more than $100,000. I get a lot of satisfaction out of hearing their stories.

The thing is, there are probably thousands of people following this interview that could do the same thing. It just takes a little bit of courage to learn this simple, repeatable process.


Editors Note: Jim Fink recently recorded a short presentation that explains the secrets behind this investing technique. This presentation is must-see viewing for any serious income investor. It will only be available for a few days— click here to watch it now.

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Jim Abraham

Jim Abraham

very interested-will you be giving detailed instructions on the site?I have never traded options



Very interested to learn the technique that deposits money into your account weekly.

James Hitchings

James Hitchings

When I listened to hour presentation I was told I wojld get wed trades with instrructions.

What Happened?

Giuseppe Dangelo

Giuseppe Dangelo

If I was to trade options, I would sell options, not buy options. Just like Jim Fink illustrates in his short video. It’s like getting instant income. I see no better way.



What is the minimum or comfortable amount of money to start with?



how can i get started…. any one to contact for guidelines?

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