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The Investment That Works Like A Paycheck

What if you could get a weekly “paycheck” from your investments?

Where every single week, you collect an up-front deposit of $1,150, $1,692.50, or even as much as $2,800?

Today I’d like to show you…

  • How an underutilized investment technique can produce a $1,692.50 “paycheck” every week
  • How thousands of regular people are using it
  • The 3 simple steps that can put check in your pocket today

By the end of the month you could easily earn a total of $6,770 in additional income by using this unexpected investment technique. And after a year you could be sitting on $101,550.

I call this investing technique my “Profit Calendar”…

Because it lets me schedule, to the day, gains like $1,100… $1,550… and $2,300.

Every single week.


The exact amount of your payment changes from week to week, but overall it averages out to $1,692.50.

And even though not every trade is a winner, a built-in safety net protects your overall performance.

That way, losses can’t chip away much from the giant pile of income you’ll be making.

In fact, at last check, my success rate using this technique is over 85%, and I’ve maintained a similar rate for several years now.

Now, here’s the surprising part…

Most of the investors who use my technique were complete beginners when they tried it for the first time.

Like loyal investor Chuck W.:

“I had never [used this technique] before I encountered Jim Fink. He makes it easier to trade… by giving clear, complete instructions with rationale.”

But once you get started the Profit Calendar isn’t hard to follow.

That’s why these investors are now able to fill their investment accounts, take nice vacations, and live with unabashed independence.

They’ve learned the recipe for earning safe, consistent, easy-to-repeat weekly deposits in their investment accounts.

Here’s how it works…

Every single week, on Thursday morning, I send an email based on my Profit Calendar with easy trading instructions any investor can follow.

All told, it only takes 10 minutes follow these instructions—15 minutes, tops.

You can earn this money with more trading power and less risk than regular stock shares.

For example, instead of risking $6,858 to buy 100 shares of Hess Corp (NYSE:HES), my Profit Calendar gives you the same amount of trading power for only $500.

Take a look at this chart.


As you can see, the performance of Hess Corp’s stock over this period isn’t very exciting.

It makes a handful of small dips and then settles just slightly above where it started.

Investors holding shares of stock were probably disappointed, especially since more than $6,000 of their money was tied up in a stock going nowhere.

But the investors who used my Profit Calendar technique still made great money…


… and only risked $345!

Profit Calendar investors also started the trade with an up-front payment, so they were already ahead of the game.

That’s why my Profit Calendar is so effective.

Here are the three steps that make it possible…

Profit Calendar STEP #1: Get Paid!

The benefit of this trading technique is immediate.

Because unlike normal stock investing, where you buy a stock and then have to wait a few weeks, months, or even years for the chance to make money…

With the Profit Calendar, making your trade and getting paid are the exact same step!

On Thursdays, I’ll send you trading instructions that lay out everything for you.

It should take you less than ten minutes to read these trading instructions and enter your trade online.

The moment you complete your trade, you’ll receive a cash payment in your trading account.

And the best part is that this cash payment is yours regardless of what happens next.

Let me give you an example from not too long ago…

In April of 2016 I told the investors who follow my Profit Calendar to place a trade on CVS Health (NYSE:CVS).

The instructions were an easy two sentences long, and were accompanied by my complete rationale for the trade.

The trade was filled on April 1st, and investors who followed these instructions received an up-front cash payment of $1,050.

So you start every trade with cash in your pocket.

The next part is also straightforward…

Profit Calendar STEP #2: Count Ahead A Few Weeks On Your Calendar

Every trade we make has an expiration date—that’s the date the payment you receive is 100% “in the clear.”

I tell you exactly what day this is so you can mark it on your calendar.

Most trades expire in a matter of just a few weeks.

The point of my trading strategy is to find a trade that will let you keep all of that up-front money.

In the case of my CVS trade, my expiration date was May 8th, 2016—just 37 days later the trade expired on it’s expiration date, confirming the win.

So in essence that $1050 earned me 26.6% in just five weeks.

I got the money up front and limited my exposure!

But even when things don’t work out perfectly, you’ll still keep your cash payment.

From there, I’ll provide step-by-step follow-up instructions on how to use the built-in safety net to limit any losses on the trade.

So rain or shine, I’ve always got you covered.

Profit Calendar STEP #3: Do It All Over Again!

Since the Profit Calendar starts every trade by giving you cash up-front, you’re not stuck with your funds tied up.

The trade itself will conclude in a few weeks… but you can make additional trades right away, without having to wait.

And as you pile up your winnings, you can exponentially increase the amount you trade and the number of times you trade.

You also know up-front when your trade is going to expire, so there’s never any wonder or worry about when a trade might end.

So when the next Thursday rolls around, you’ll receive my simple instructions and you’re free to do it all over again.

I also have a “secret weapon” that I use to maximize the amount of each and every trade I make—I reveal the details behind it in a new presentation I just recorded.

Here are some recent winning trades:

  • $2,250 — Energy Transf. (NYSE:ETP)
  • $1,120 — Honeywell (NYSE:HON)
  • $2,100 — Public Storage (NYSE:PSA)
  • $1,400 — American Tow. (NYSE:AMT)
  • $2,500 — Boston Beer (NYSE:SAM)
  • $1,200 — Praxair (NYSE:PX)
  • $2,700 — Dick’s Sporting (NYSE:DKS)
  • $2,500 — MasterCard (NYSE:MA)
  • $1,250 — EcoLab (NYSE:ECL)
  • $1,350 — EQT Corp (NYSE:EQT)
  • $1,350 — Nike (NYSE:NKE)
  • $1,500 — Clorox (NYSE:CLX)
  • $1,250 — Snap-On (NYSE:SNA)
  • $1,400 — Reynolds Amer. (NYSE:RAI)
  • $1,500 — Hess Corp (NYSE:HES)
  • $2,300 — Regeneron (NSDQ:REGN)
  • $1,300 — Equinix (NSDQ:EQIX)
  • $2,800 — Priceline (NSDQ:PCLN)

But best of all?

My next trade comes out tomorrow morning, June 23rd!

Tomorrow’s trade has near-perfect safety and will deliver up-front income of at least $1,100. Probably more.

I’ll report the exact details in my trade instructions.

But in order to get your name on the list for tomorrow’s trade, you MUST sign up by 11:59 pm tonight.

That way our system has enough time to put your name on our list.

So if you act right now, you can earn your first paycheck tomorrow!

Please don’t miss out. I’ll explain everything in detail—click here to watch my new presentation.

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