A Lot to Look Forward To

We have to admit to being excited about the way things are shaping up in the tech world for 2014.  With Quantitative Easing now in tapering mode we should see a return to more conventional valuation metrics for all stocks, especially tech.  We like the way our portfolio has performed thus far, and believe it is positioned to fully participate in the two-tier market we expect to see over the next twelve months.

Although Smart Tech Investor is only five weeks old, already we have seen significant movement in many of our portfolio stocks.  In the Portfolio Update section below we take a close look at all of our Equity Trades portfolio recommendations and tell you what to do now.  For a similar evaluation of the stocks in our Investments Portfolio, please see last week’s issue of Smart Tech 50 Weekly Movers.

From a longer term perspective, it is critical to recognize exactly how the connected world of internet commerce is taking shape which we overview in this month’s In Focus article.  In the months to come we will drill down deeper into this assessment, as ultimately it serves as the backbone for our process of identifying the tech category winners of the future.

Our Sector Spotlight shines on Microsoft this month, as we believe it stands at the crossroads of what could very well be the single most critical decision it will make for the next ten years.  Hiring the right type of person as its next CEO could reignite excitement in the company and propel its stock higher, but selecting the wrong candidate could effectively condemn it to second tier status for the next decade.