The Latest DARPA-Backed Invention to Make Early Investors Rich

If you know of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) you know it’s responsible for some of mankind’s greatest inventions. That’s no wonder when you consider its mission: to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.

Since 1958, the creative innovators at the Pentagon’s research arm have radically changed the world, and our lives. MIT professor Michael Detouzos even credits DARPA with “between a third and a half of all the major innovations in computer science and technology.”

For instance, thermal imagery began in the 1950s and 1960s as a program to give our military enhanced nighttime vision – a priceless battlefield advantage. The companies at the center of this development, Honeywell and Texas Instruments, were only small contractors at the time. Now they’re Fortune 500 household names.

DARPA’s internal government network, ARPANET, eventually became the Internet… paving the way for companies like Google, which handed it’s early investors more than 344-times their initial investment. In fact, Google’s IPO minted 1,000 instant millionaires… plus several thousand more since then as the stock surged.

And then you have the personal computer, the result of a DARPA program called Sketchpad. Under this program, DARPA-funded scientists at Xerox Corporation’s PARC facility created the first recognizable PC with a word processor, a printer, file folders, scroll bars, drop-down menus and multi-tasking. Of course, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would later commercialize this technology, leading to the explosive launch of stocks like Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Dell to the top of Silicon Valley.

My point is, DARPA’s inventions don’t just change the world, they change financial fortunes, too. Once they leave the realm of government, they’re all but guaranteed to make investors rich.

The list of examples goes on and on. You’ve got GPS, originally known as Transit. The military reserved this technology for itself for over 40 years. Then it reached the public a decade or so ago, and now every new car includes one. The world’s leading GPS producer, Garmin, soared for returns of 1,094% as this technology spread to the masses…

There’s the microchip, first developed under the DARPA program MOSIS. This paved the way for the astronomic growth of the semiconductor giant Intel.

And there’s the computer mouse, which DARPA invented as a byproduct of the personal computer. That led to Logitech, the world’s leading mouse producer, which soared for more than 1,619% returns as a desktop computer entered nearly every home in America.

The bottom line is DARPA is the “invisible hand” behind some of history’s great financial growth stories. Most investors don’t know it. Most financial analysts don’t want to believe it. They’d prefer to believe Silicon Valley did it all by itself. No help from the government. But the truth is those who were privy to DARPA’s pipeline of innovation had the chance to claim a stake in the next wave of millionaire-making technology.

Life-altering inventions like…

  • Google Maps
  • Virtual reality
  • Cloud computing
  • The personal computer
  • The Internet
  • GPS

Our team at Breakthrough Tech Profits is following another technology that’s about to join this list.

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