How A Small Dot Could Change Your Future Forever

“You’re being watched…”

It’s one of the go-to lines you’ll hear in almost any spy-thriller movie. Do a quick search of that exact quote in a movie database, and you’ll find more than 130 results!

The thing is, for each and every one of us browsing online today, being watched is a part of our everyday life. Whether you like it or not.

In fact, as you read this article, there are hundreds of invisible “dots” on the screen you’re using. They’re following everything you’re doing online today, and remember everything you did yesterday.

They’ve also been proven to “control” what each of us do tomorrow.  And that’s where this technology gets very exciting for opportunistic investors.

What do I mean by “control”? Let me quickly walk you through how this technology works. Then, I’ll share how picking up a stake in it could lead to a windfall in the days ahead.

The best way for me to explain this technology is by asking you a question…

What was on the last billboard ad you saw?


If you’re like most people, you don’t remember.

And chances are you don’t remember what was on the last banner ad you saw online just before you started to read this report.

Maybe it was an ad for Golfsmith trying to sell you the newest driver from TaylorMade.

It could have been L.L. Bean offering you a deal on a two-piece bamboo fly rod.

Or maybe it’s like this one from Verizon—offering you the chance to switch to their Internet service.

banner ad

No matter what the ad was trying to sell you, odds are you don’t remember it.

In fact, studies show only three in 10 people do. Because you tune them out.

Worse still for the companies that are literally screaming for your attention…out of the billions and billions of these ads that show up on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones…

Barely one-half of one percent ever get clicked on.

That’s an infinitesimally small number. And it’s a huge problem for advertisers of course— because if no one is clicking…then no one is buying.

But what you may not know is that it’s also a massive problem for the publishers hosting the ads—like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and even sites like CNBC and CNN…

Because they only get paid for running the ad when you click on it.

And every single one of them relies on advertising revenue to support everything else they do.

That’s why the technology behind this little dot is so critical to their future…

Because it increases clicks by 700%.

Think about what that means for just a moment.

Google returns over 100 billion search results every month.

So it’s not hard to imagine why they’re interested in in a proven technology that can increase the number of people clicking on the ads they run on those results pages from 60 million to a stunning 420 million.

It would be like printing money.

Money they can use to fund all their other far flung endeavors that will probably never turn a profit…like robots that can walk…or hoverboards.

Look, I know you may not give a hill of beans as to how many ads Google shows in a month…or how many people click on them—or even how many people don’t.

But you should. Because it’s a colossal business.

Last year Google made nearly $68 billion dollars from these ads.

Which—if they were a country—would make them the 72nd highest earning one in the world.

Facebook—the social media site with over 1.65 billion users of its own—generated $17 billion in a single year doing the same thing.

And Pandora, a site that streams music to more than 80-million smartphones, laptops, and tablets, generated $933 million running these ads too.

So dismissing online advertising just because you don’t understand it…or even hate it…

Could cost you the opportunity of your investing lifetime.

Forget billboards. Magazine ads. And even television commercials.

Advertisers now spend more money running ads online than ANYWHERE else.

In fact, their spending is set to hit an astounding $240 billion in just a few years.

So it should come as no surprise that a technology that can increase clicks—and revenue—by 7x is starting to show up on sites that rely on advertising to make money. 

It should also come as no surprise that you want to own the company behind this technology right now.  Multiple sources consider them to be the next clear acquisition target for companies like Verizon, Google, Facebook, and even Amazon. For a limited time I’m sharing a full overview of my research on this technology with our readers. Click here to see it.

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Andrew Kalisch

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This site is a crap, the only ones making money are you!!

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Hi Linda,
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