[CONTROVERSIAL] 9 of 10 Americans Clueless About This

We crunched the data.

We did this survey work.

Our conclusion: More than 9 out of 10 Americans aren’t aware of how pervasive “invisible dot” technology has become in their everyday lives.

What we didn’t know was that it would cause such a stir across our readership.

Since I published the first part of this story last week, my article has eclipsed 100,000 readers. That’s not bad for a small investment research outfit like us. 

But like I said, I’ve only told one part of the story.

You see, these dots exist on virtually every electronic device you own, and they’re a radical development in the booming online advertising market. 

But this technology isn’t just transforming how $240 billion in online advertising will be spent…

It’s also revolutionizing the other half of the online equation—the retail e-commerce market.

This gargantuan market has already rewarded early investors with massive winners like:

  • 2,000% on the auction site and retailer eBay
  • 2,048% on the credit card company MasterCard
  • 2,275% on the online payment processor Fiserv
  • 6,060% on the online travel company Priceline

And it’s about to happen again.

Only this time it’ll be far bigger.

Because online retailers are set to make $3.578 trillion by 2019 thanks to the blistering 22% annual growth rate of internet purchases.

online sales

And that number is about to be turbo-charged by these little dots.

If you remember, the technology inside them has the potential to increase clicks 700%. Which is great for Facebook and all the other sites that run them…

But consider what that means to the online stores those clicks are driving customers to.

It means 7x more traffic.

And for a retail business—whether it’s down the street, online—or both…an increase of that magnitude is a game changer.

I know it may be hard to envision its impact, so let me explain with an example.

Let’s say you own a store on the Main Street in your downtown—and on an average day, 300 people walk in to check things out.

At the same time, let’s assume that 10% of the people who come in—which in this case is 30 people—each spend $100.

That means you’d make about $3,000 a day. Not bad.

But imagine if one day you opened the doors and 600 people walked through…and you suddenly made $6,000.

The next day 900 people walked in…and your cash register rang up $9,000 in sales.

Until finally, just a few days later, a staggering 2,100 people walked in.

And you ended up closing out the day with $21,000 in sales.

That’s a stunning change of fortune.

And it’s exactly the type of performance these dots offer online retailers.

But there’s a catch. Because they work even better than that.

You see, in addition to increasing traffic by 700%–the astounding technology behind these dots allows online retailers to show each visitor exactly what they’re looking for as soon as they get to the site.

And this advanced knowledge helps them generate $17 in sales for every $1 they spend to get a customer there.

Imagine Amazon—a company that handed early investors gains of 1,616%–getting 7x the traffic they’re getting now….

And making $17 MORE for every $1 they spend to get it.

It would instantly catapult CEO and Founder, Jeff Bezos, from the 5th richest man in the world to the richest.

And make him the world’s first trillionaire in the process.

That’s the power these tiny dots hold.

They’re hands down the most prolific technology I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

So much so, that when it hits its apex in the coming years I expect this technology to create more millionaires than Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.

Think about it, the e-commerce market is exploding by 22% a year and will soon ring up over $3.5 trillion in sales.

As it does, it will surely create a string of triple-digit profit opportunities along the way. 

Editors Note: As part of Linda’s research into this story she’s uncovered a unique investment opportunity. According to her, it’s the perfect way to capitalize on the rise of “dot” technology in the weeks and months ahead. Given the timeliness of this situation, Linda is suspending access to her presentation on this opportunity at midnight tonight, so please view it now before it’s taken down.

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