Should You Use Premium? Our Expert Says …

One of the coolest things about working at Investing Daily is being around our whip-smart editors and analysts.

Take Robert Rapier, chief investment strategist of The Energy Strategist – an appropriate choice on a day when energy stocks are surging.

Robert is a walking, breathing encyclopedia of energy knowledge, and he came by that knowledge by working in the trenches. He’s a liquid fuels engineer with five patents. He developed a novel butanol unit for Celanese that cut production costs by $5 million a year. He ran a team of ConocoPhillips engineers working on North Sea oil and natural gas project. He has helped build energy facilities around the world.

And, of course, he’s a genius at spotting energy investments – because he knows which new technologies will work and which won’t, he can see trends before the crowd does.

But on top of all that, I appreciate Robert’s ability to explain arcane concepts to those of us who aren’t energy engineers. Case in point: this article about premium gasoline and whether or not it’s worth using. Among other interesting tidbits, Robert discusses the difference between summer and winter gasoline – which I didn’t even know was a thing.

In other news, traffic deaths were up 10.4% in the first half of 2016 – a disturbing jump that experts attribute to economic growth, which increases cars and trucks on the road, as well as “distracted driving,” which is a euphemism for “people looking at their phones instead of the road.” This is dumb and dangerous. Stop doing it, people.

Finally, it’s not too early to look ahead to Friday’s September employment report. It’ll be the last jobs number before Election Day, and pundits may jump to all sorts of political conclusions. But from an investment standpoint, I’ll be looking to see if the job growth exceeds expectations or disappoints for a clue as to the future direction of interest rates.

Today’s ADP report was slightly below expectations, and another disappointing result Friday would be further confirmation that the Fed will probably boost rates in December.

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