Little-Known Gov’t-Backed Payment System Delivers $3,287 Extra Per Month

Little-Known Gov't-Backed Payment System Delivers $3,287 Extra Per MonthOrdinary Americans are collecting $1,178, then $2,587, and then even $3,287 in “transfer” payments every month. Now this little-known loophole is set to deliver even larger payments… up to a staggering $294,600! All because local “Patriot Millionaires” have just released more tax stimulus cash.
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Trump Doesn’t Think Coal Is Dead – Neither Should You

Tonight, Game 7 of an exciting World Series. 

Tuesday, Election Day.

And yes, the Fed is meeting today – but they won’t make a move this close to the election. No way, no how.

The country seems to be holding its breath. Cubs or Indians? Clinton or Trump? So should we shut down our computers, forget about our portfolios
, and wait until the dust clears?

Again, no way.

There are always good buys out there – and our breathless anticipation of the results of high-stakes competitions is no reason to stop making money.

Our editors and analysts are hard at work uncovering opportunities for you. Here are just a few:

Linda McDonough, chief investment strategist at Profit Catalyst Alert, is taking a close look at the pharmaceuticals sector these days. Drug stocks have taken it on the chin lately; the S&P Pharma Select Index is down 15% since mid-August. Linda sees some bargains in the rubble, and she recently recommended a call option trade for subscribers of Profit Catalyst Alert.

Linda also is digging deep to identify winners and losers in the retail industry, which is undergoing a tectonic shift toward online shopping. Last week she recommended buying a put option on a well-known apparel and accessories maker to bet on a decline in its share price. Linda’s analysis tells her that this former Wall Street darling will suffer from lower sales growth due in part to its dependence on struggling department stores.

Also last week, energy guru Robert Rapier added three coal stocks to The Energy Strategist’s Aggressive Portfolio. While coal’s long-term future looks as grim as an underground mine, it’s enjoying a cyclical rebound that is producing big turnarounds for some previously despised and underfollowed stocks.

And Jim Pearce sent subscribers to his new Systemic Wealth service a Buy alert on a stock in the automotive industry that earns a perfect score in Jim’s IDEAL Stock Rating System. This company was down and out several years ago but has been consistently profitable in recent years.

These are just some of the ultra-profitable trades we’re finding. Don’t miss out on them just because the crowd is on the sidelines… 

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Retirement Woes Are About to Vanish

Will I have enough money in my retirement years?

That’s the question on the minds of so many Baby Boomers nowadays. But you can set those worries aside.

Because master trader Jim Fink is releasing step-by-step instructions on how to collect a $1,692.50 payment on Thursday… and every Thursday after that.

Jim explains everything in a new presentation—but you only have a few more days to watch it.

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