Giving Thanks For Promises Delivered

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, especially to the people in our lives who make good on their promises.

If those delivered promises actually make us money, all the better.

Jim Pearce, chief investment strategist for our publications Personal Finance and Breakthrough Tech Profits, touted some very large gains in the most recent issue of BTP. I feel compelled to share these moneymaking successes with you.

As Jim Pearce writes:

maxresdefault (1)When we launched Breakthrough Tech Profits six months ago, we promised we would deliver exceptional profits in all market conditions. That’s because our central thesis is we profit, not from technology, but from the change technology brings. That change is constant, whether it’s from adding tech to a traditional business or from mergers affecting stock prices.

Consider …

Between May 26 (our first issue) and Nov. 11, the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index gained 3.6%. That’s not bad if you’re content with modest returns but pales compared to the big gains we booked this year.

For example, two months ago I closed out a position in Applied Optoelectronics, which I had opened just three months earlier for a profit of 138%. I also booked a 52% gain on a call option trade on Western Digital and a 50% profit on a put option bet on Symantec. Think about that for a moment. By using our proprietary stock-rating process, we earned more than 50% on two different stocks going in opposite directions simultaneously.

I’d like to brag more about my stock-picking expertise, except my colleague Joe Duarte blew me away with a 757% gain in just three weeks on a put option play on McKesson last month. He also booked a 44% gain on a call option a few months earlier by predicting exactly how McKesson’s share price would respond to the rapidly changing healthcare sector, nailing the timing perfectly. That’s nearly 800% of profit in about six months from two different directional bets on the same company.

Another colleague, Ben Shepherd, also accumulated several nice gains, including 26% in KEYW Holdings, 43% in Silicon Labs and 15% in less than a month on Organovo. Considering how volatile the market has been and how little net gain the indexes have produced, I think you’d agree these gains are exceptional.

But we’re not resting on our laurels, not by a long shot. The beauty of the tech sector is that it’s always delivering opportunities like these for investors who recognize them and have the courage to act. No matter who occupies the White House or what the Federal Reserve does with interest rates, people and businesses will always be willing to spend money on technology that improves their lives.

Jim’s next “breakthrough tech” moneymaker…

Jim Pearce and his team aren’t done finding profitable opportunities in the technology sector. They’ve unearthed an overlooked small-cap company that’s tapped into a technology as revolutionary as the iPhone.

This technology is spreading five-times faster than the iPhone and it’s poised to generate $150 billion within the next 48 months. Working quietly behind the scenes of this unprecedented growth story is a tiny company that supplies the major components of this device to the likes of Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG).

This small-cap “rocket stock” is about to take off and soar. Click here for the full details.

More Letters From “The Mailbag”

Trevor R. writes:

“I bought shares in a nickel miner called Minefields. Who in their right mind would invest in a minefield? To cap it off, the company secretary was named Mr. McTrusty! As you can imagine, the company folded and my investment evaporated with it. My comment at the time was: ‘We can’t go wrong with this one.’ I had a ‘tip’ from somebody who supposedly knew something.”

Trevor, the herd mentality is hard to resist; most investors behave like lemmings and march right off a cliff. They succumb to the “group think” of the media, friends, the Internet, colleagues, family — everyone telling them what stock or investment to buy, everyone ready with brilliant advice.

But here’s a general rule of thumb: Once your barber, cabbie or shoe shine guy starts giving you hot stock tips, it usually means the market has hit a peak.

Did one of our analysts deliver you a winning trade you’re thankful for today? Let me know about it at In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! — John Persinos


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