Our Team Celebrates Meaty Profits… at Ruth’s Chris

For this year’s seasonal get-together, our investment team chose the local Ruth’s Chris Steak House. USDA prime steaks seared at 1800° Fahrenheit is a satisfying way to celebrate a year of profitable trades.

But we also chose Ruth’s for symbolic reasons: our market-thumping recommendation to buy the stock of parent company Ruth’s Hospitality Group (NSDQ: RUTH)

Ruth’s Hospitality Group operates about 150 restaurants across the U.S. and in several countries. Ruth’s is currently the world’s largest upscale steak house company in terms of locations, operating income, and overall profit.

Jim Pearce, who runs a new trading service based on a proprietary algorithm called the “Rapid Profits Matrix”, issued a “buy alert” for RUTH on September 2.

As Jim wrote in his recommendation:

“This alert was triggered by RUTH’s low price-to-sales ratio of 1.25, which means that it generates enough cash flow on a per share basis in a little over a year to cover its entire share price. In addition, it has increased its earnings per share by an average of 21% over the past five years, which is greater than its price-to-earnings ratio of only 16 times annual profits.

RUTH has been one of the best performing restaurant stocks over the past five years, more than quadrupling in value before cooling off earlier this year. But our Rapid Profits Matrix now believes it is undervalued, and likely to rebound after it reports quarterly operating results at the end of October so we’re buying it now.”

The three-month RUTH target-holding period expired on December 2 for a gain of roughly 17%, compared to a gain during the same period of only 0.60% for the S&P 500. Thats worth toasting.

Dec. 23
Pictured: Investing Daily team members at their holiday luncheon this week at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. (L-R): Alane Dashner; Phil Ash; and Jim Pearce.

End-of-year fine-tuning for your 401k…

The end of the year is a good time to fine-tune a 401k, the most commonly owned retirement account in the U.S.

Americans have a lot at stake in their 401k plans, which hold an estimated $4.4 trillion in assets. And yet, many people remain confused about how they work, even when they’re putting hard-earned money into them with every paycheck. To protect your nest egg, you need to become familiar with all of the rules.

I frequently get questions from readers about their 401k plans. Here are a few recent emails on commonly expressed topics:

What happens if I’ve taken out a 401k loan at work but then leave my employer without paying back the loan?” — Sally K.

First of all, I strongly advise against taking loans against your 401k plan. But if circumstances force you to do so and you leave with a balance remaining, check with your HR department as to whether you can continue making payments after you depart the company, or whether you must pay off the balance of your loan before you can roll over the remainder. Rules vary, depending on the plan’s administrator.

“Will I incur taxes on my 401k rollover?” — Joe M.

Typically you will not owe taxes on your rollover if you roll over your money directly from your company plan into an IRA or 401k.

However, you must fill out IRS Form 1099R, reporting that you took a distribution from your former employer’s plan, and IRS Form 5498, reporting that you made a rollover contribution to your IRA.


“Are there different ways in which employers offer a matching contribution?” — Diane T.

Yes, your employer can choose among several methods for determining the percentage that it contributes. The most common are a fixed percentage of what you put into the plan; a predetermined percentage of your pay; and a discretionary percentage that’s subject to change according to how your company is performing.

Make it a point to contribute at least the minimum amount required to trigger your company’s full match. Otherwise, you’re refusing free money.

Got any questions or feedback? Drop me a line: John Persinos

Claim your $3,000 holiday bonus before it expires…

It’s Christmastime, so I’m ready to give you a $3,000 bonus right now. It has your name on it. But in order to claim it, you need to take us up on a small bet.

Here’s the deal: Jim Pearce (the guy toasting his RUTH trade in the photo above) bets you his “Rapid Profits Matrix” system can deliver 12 triple-digit annualized winners for you in 2017. If he wins, you make a lot of money in the stock market. If he loses, you get $3,000 in value on the spot. The problem is, you only have until midnight to take him up on his bet. 

Place your wager by clicking right here.


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