Secret Bragging Rights

You may not believe it, but some of the stocks in Utility Forecaster’s portfolios have stealth yields as high as 34.3% … and rising.

How did we do it? The old-fashioned way: Buying fundamentally strong businesses with solid balance sheets at a reasonable price—and then letting them quietly grind out earnings and dividend growth year after year after year.

These are the types of unexciting companies that form the backbone of our country’s crucial infrastructure. Without them, our civilization would fall into chaos. That’s why they’re practically guaranteed continual earnings and dividend growth.

Even so, you won’t get bragging rights for owning our favorite stocks. That’s because no one cares about them as long as the air conditioning is on, the water’s running, and their phones can get a signal from the nearest cell tower.

But over time, these boring companies can become incredibly exciting thanks to the magic and power of compounding. Stocks that had paltry yields when we first bought them are now giving us stealth yields of 21.9%, 26.4%, and even 34.3%.

We’ll tell you more about how we’ll help you create stealth high yielders of your own in Sunday’s edition of Income Without Borders, as well as in every monthly issue of Utility Forecaster.