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$1,230 in Instant Income?

$1,230 in Instant Income?Our top income expert recently pulled the wraps off his breakthrough moneymaking technique. And he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how you can use it to generate instant cash payouts of up to $1,230 (or more). Over and over again. But then he took things a big step further and guaranteed you can make $1 million by following his program. And the second he did, our phones went nuts! Space is limited — get the details here.



Catch a Windfall if You Can

By Ari Charney on July 21, 2017

Have you ever spent a long time working on something only to have your efforts overtaken by events?

If you enjoy researching new investment ideas like we do at Utility Forecaster, then you’ve probably had that happen a lot.

You finally find that rare stock that ticks off everything on your checklist—but it’s just too expensive at the moment. So you wait to pick it up at a cheaper price.

The problem is that other potential acquirers may already be circling. And they may not care about whether a stock has a reasonable valuation.

Here’s how that usually goes down: Before you’ve had a chance to hit the “Buy” button, rumors emerge of a potential takeover, and the stock surges in value. Oh well.

At the same time, it’s never a bad thing to have a disciplined investment process—and actually stick to it! That’s what we do at Utility Forecaster.

For every takeover target that got away, this discipline has saved us many more times from being stuck with dead weight.

In Sunday’s Income Without Borders, we’ll tell you how we evaluate potential takeover targets, as well as about the one that got away.

But if you don’t want to wait until then, we’ve got a special report that identifies nine high-quality takeover targets—utilities with strong fundamentals and attractive yields that haven’t been acquired … yet.

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Forget Buy and Hold. Here’s how to retire faster…

I’m not a fan of “buy and hold.” Gurus like to tell you that patience is the key, but I call horse puckey.

We’ve discovered an investing technique that consistently pays out easy-to-repeat profits.

One that’s proven to beat the market 2,082% in head-to-head testing.

And one that’s generated over 488 winners since 2011.

This method is so powerful, in fact, some of the investors we’ve let use it reported back to us saying they’ve made $71,425… $82,371… and even as much as $151,000 in a single year thanks to this “trick.”

That’s how powerful this investing technique is!

What what exactly is this mysterious method? I’ve put all the details together here.

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