MySoapBox Review (Scam or Side Hustle?)

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MySoapBox review

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What's In This Guide?


Filling in surveys is a fantastic way to pull in some extra dollars each month to help pay the bills. It might not exactly be a path to mega-wealth, but it’s one of the most pain-free ways of making some quick money online.

One name you might have come across on your quest for the perfect survey site is MySoapBox. Want to know if it’s worth signing up for?

You’re in luck – keep reading our MySoapBox review to get an honest overview of the pros and cons.

What Is “MySoapBox”?

In a nutshell, is a survey site. But you probably already knew that, so I’m here to look a little deeper.

What you might not realize is that the website is actually part of the Interviewing Service of America, or ISA Corp. So, what’s the ISA, I hear you ask?

They’re an established market research firm that has been collecting data since 1982. That’s almost forty years of experience! ISA used to carry out in-person interviews, but they’ve since moved their focus to online panels through MySoapBox.

ISA used to manage ClickIQ, a previous survey site that you may have heard of. ClickIQ and MySoapBox have now merged. Basically, the site is a safe pair of hands with heaps of experience under its belt.

You might still be wondering why MySoapBox want to pay people for filling out surveys in the first place. To put it simply, opinions of the public are extremely valuable to companies — so valuable that they’re willing to pay good money to know what we’re all doing and thinking.

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Market research companies like ISA act as the middleman by collecting data from the public and selling that information on to the firms, so it’s only fair that the survey participants reap their rewards in return.

Sounds like a fair deal to me!

How Does MySoapBox Work?

There’s surprisingly little information on the MySoapBox website about how the website work. You’re told you can join, participate, and earn — this is the gist of things, but it’s helpful to understand the process in a little more detail.

Luckily you have me here to do the digging for you.

Unlike some survey sites that let you make money for all kinds of random activities like watching videos or clicking on adverts, MySoapBox keep it simple. You earn from completing surveys and nothing else. Take it or leave it.

Another important point to note is that you won’t be earning money from MySoapBox — there are no PayPal deposits, checks, or bank transfers on offer here. But you can receive plenty of gift cards, and that’s pretty neat too.

Although the companies you can receive gift cards from change on a regular basis, here are some that are regularly on offer:

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Walmart
  • ​Home Depot
  • iTunes

Is MySoapBox Legit?

When you visit the MySoapBox website, it’s hard not to notice how terrible the site design and general user experience are. This might scream scam, but don’t worry — despite the lack of budget, this is a legitimate company.

As mentioned, the parent organization of MySoapBox, ISA, have been around for a long time. They’re a trusted market research firm looking for more participants.

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), MySoapBox don’t have a listing, but ISA do. ISA aren’t an accredited business, but they do have an impressive rating of A+, which proves their reliability in the industry.

MySoapBox don’t have a profile on Trustpilot, which is unusual for a survey site, but there are some customer reviews floating around elsewhere. A few users have complained about points being deducted for no apparent reason, but this doesn’t seem to be the experience of all users.

Is MySoapBox a scam?

You can rest assured that MySoapBox isn’t a scam. They promise to let users redeem their points for gift cards, and there’s no evidence that they don’t meet this promise.

However, you might want to proceed with caution since there isn’t much information out there about MySoapBox and a few previous users have had issues with them.

How Much Money Can You Make With MySoapBox?

MySoapBox only offer payout in the form of gift cards, so no PayPal or bank deposits. This means the earning potential isn’t great — but the gift cards could be a nice treat to help you afford some luxuries in life or get through the month.

Whenever you complete a survey on MySoapBox, you’ll earn a set number of points, and you can later redeem these for rewards when you have enough. 1000 points on MySoapBox is equal to $1.

Most surveys will give you between 750 and 1500 points, meaning you’ll earn a maximum of $1.50 for each survey. It’s certainly nothing to boast about considering surveys can take up to 25 minutes, but it’s fairly average for a survey website.

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You can also make some extra money by referring people — you’ll earn 25 points ($0.25) for each referral..

How To Sign Up And Get Started With MySoapBox?

Getting started on MySoapBox is a simple process. Just register, take some surveys, and exchange your earnings for rewards.


As soon as you enter the MySoapBox site, there’s a button that will take you to the registration page. You’ll then be prompted to enter in your personal information, such as ethnicity and date of birth.

This only takes a few minutes and is free. There aren’t many requirements either — as long as you’re over 13 and have a valid email address, you’re good to go.

You’ll also get a welcome bonus for joining worth $2.

Take surveys

Now, it’s time to take some online surveys. As soon as you sign up, you’ll see the available surveys on the member dashboard, and you should also receive survey invites by email within the first 24 hours.

Like most sites, you could get disqualified early from surveys through no fault of your own due to not meeting the criteria. If this does happen, you’ll receive compensation of 25 points. This isn’t exactly a generous offer — it’s literally one cent — but most sites will give you nothing!

When you take the surveys, be careful to read the questions carefully and answer them properly, or you may face disqualification. And in this case, you won’t get any compensation at all.

Cash out

When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for rewards. But be warned, it might take a while to get there.

The payout threshold is 25000 points ($25), which is steeper than other similar sites. It’s likely to take at least a few weeks to get there, depending on how many surveys you qualify for.

There’s usually a wide range to choose between — everything from restaurant gift cards to vouchers for grocery stores.

It then takes about a week for the vouchers to be processed, so you’ll need some patience.

What Are The Pros And Cons of MySoapBox?

MySoapBox review survey site


I’d be more wary of MySoapBox if it wasn’t for their association with ISA. The history and reputation of ISA makes them more trustworthy in my eyes and is a clear advantage.

Another perk is that the surveys are generally quite short on MySoapBox, so you won’t need to waste much of your time.


Unfortunately, MySoapBox falls into the category of stingy survey sites that only pay their participants in gift cards and e vouchers. It’s better than nothing, but I’d rather receive money.

The payout threshold is also quite high at $25, especially since the only way to earn is through surveys. You might reach it eventually, but is it really worth the bother?

What Are The Alternatives To MySoapBox?

MySoapBox is far from the only survey site you can earn on, and I’d definitely recommend anyone considering it to look into other options too.

Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Inbox Dollars are all popular options that will help you to earn more points more quickly.

Bottom Line: Is MySoapBox Worth It?

MySoapBox isn’t the most profitable way to make money (or rather, gift cards) online. Having said that, it could be a useful tool to add to your collection if you want to save money when shopping. Just don’t use it in isolation as it’s definitely not the best survey site out there.

Hopefully you found this review of MySoapBox helpful!